Link author names

Linking author names is not as easy as it sounds. The author’s identity group is not available at the time the page is built. It would have to be a separate retrieval from the database for every author encountered in any thought on the page.

We already have lots of retrievals per page build, not sure I want to add a bunch more and tax the server more just for this feature. I will keep thinking to see if an easier way comes up, perhaps caching the names or something.

Storing the author’s group in the thought itself would solve the retrieval, but would burn it in so that if the author changed identity groups, like if I someday decide to be dA all the time, instead of nathan sometimes and dA others, it would not change in all the thoughts because it would have been burned in when the thought was created and could even end up going to a deleted group or possibly even someone else’s revived group … not so great.


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Seth says
issueing personal, “fixed”, author identity groups upon registration might help solve that problem.

Or loosen up the criteria of what that hyperlink goes to … we could burn into each thought the home/focus group of the author who created it.