Bacon and Eggs and Toast for Breakfast

Cooked and eaten

Denise gave me and A

i think it was a B

This is the first time I used only coconut oil … to fry the eggs and on the toast … and cocanut milk to enhance the eggs.   There were also some finely chopped onions in the eggs, but denise didnt seem to notice. 

i think i over cook everything … rushing to get back to thinking here … oh well, it was good anyway.


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  7. tagging vs searching


Seth says
nathan 2016-01-17 11:47:03 [item 19691#42460]
Is that what is on the breakfast search menu? Awesome!!! One to go please!
seth 2016-01-17 11:53:16 [item 19691#42461]
surprise a search room … Kudos indeed ! 

see also  breakfast might be a bit more direct.
seth 2016-01-17 11:55:17 [item 19691#42463]
pondering hmmm … see search breakfast
seth 2016-01-17 11:56:30 [item 19691#42464]
my point should be grocked … breakfast is far far a more direct pointer than search breakfast
nathan 2016-01-17 11:59:37 [item 19691#42465]
Well my point should be grocked here too. search breakfast still finds what I am looking for without any need at all for me to do tagging and think about tags … and allows me to narrow down nicely by using additional keywords. Also, there is no Sex in the kitchen on the tag version! Browsing the search results has been far more enlightening and fun than browsing tag rooms, and I have done lots of both! 
seth 2016-01-17 12:05:59 [item 19691#42467]
well i did notice that search breakfast hairs into more different contexts than breakfast … but hey, we don’t need to rubb this further… we got both … both are really needed … both are great.  

Kudos for the natural language search thumbs upthumbs up … what was the tip expected for that?  i haven’t visited the tip jar recently.
nathan 2016-01-17 12:08:05 [item 19691#42468]
Search is my contribution. I did it for me. It’s my tip to myself.  Plenty of other things people can tip for!

Si says
Does Where's Bilbo? work?

Si says
nathan 2016-01-17 12:08:58 [item 19691#42470]
p.s. Don’t missing reading [title wheres bilbo] … one more nugget there.
nathan 2016-01-17 12:10:09 [item 19691#42471]
Bummer. Titles with ‘ don’t work.
seth 2016-01-17 12:11:11 [item 19691#42472]
titles work great … you must have misspelled.
Ain’t working dude. It does have both a ‘ and a ? in it though.

Seth says
seth 2016-01-17 12:13:19 [item 19691#42474]
maybe try [title Where' Bilbo?] markup is fucking up the command parser
nathan 2016-01-17 12:16:07 [item 19691#42477]
Yea, but what regular person would know that. Guess I need to take a look at your parser huh?  

Seth says
nathan 2016-01-17 13:24:45 [item 19691#42494]
I have a basic working theory I am exploring. It is that tags are a poor mans search. Basically that tags are an easy way to get a search-like feature up an running quickly in any application. But that a good and properly built search feature that has easily selectable filters can outperform tags for finding and “tagging” information in nearly any situation by working from the natural language tags already in the language of any thought. We’ll see right? No need to RWG it … it can be done instead.  
seth 2016-01-17 13:33:14 [item 19691#42496]
well i think it will be great to devolupe both search and tagging … both tag references and search references.  

but to say that tagging is a “poor mans search” is to go all chiggey wiggy.   Think back to when language was starting … it was all then just tagging … tagging is just naming.   And naming is what allows thinking to work.  So bringing tagging into our processess here is allowing people to start thinking better.  It is saying, hey let us start naming again … rather than just let our thinking run around names that have been given by history. 

incidentally notice that coining a phrase is naming … tagging vs thinking is exactly what we are talking about her … there, i named this paradox between us finally.
nathan 2016-01-17 13:42:43 [item 19691#42497]
Well my working theory says that when you say “Think back to when language was starting” you are hitting the nail on the head. Modern language has evolved far beyond just naming things. I see search as the modern eqivlent. So instead of poor mans search, which is wiggy for you, I could instead say cave man search right?

A good natural language search works with phrases and language structure bringing the concept of tagging things with names up to modern times. Like Seri on the iPhone for instance. We don’t grunt name tags at her, we talk to her and she finds intelligent results based on the whole language construct we use. I think search is similar compared to tagging. Search is getting up to speed with modern language whereas tagging is more like a very early form of human language … and similarly, tagging is easy to implement in applications whereas a good search is much more evolved to implement. That’s my proposition for this thesis.  
seth 2016-01-17 13:54:38 [item 19691#42498]
sure that makes sense …. i will say it now for about the tenth time …. natural language search is great and we need it.

what you are not getting is that a person naming specific things in their mind is important and is what fuels the whole language process.  now you are religating it, without reason, to just something that a cave man does.  That is you just fighting this thing.  

Try this … watc(h) something bubbling up into your awareness … let it stay that way and  watc(h) what happens to it over time.   Now do the opposite … as soon as you can focus on it sufficiently, name it.  Now watc(h) what happens to it over time.   There is a magic and power in naming.  Maybe do a search google power of naming … i may not have named it here myself power of naming.      
nathan 2016-01-17 14:03:42 [item 19691#42499]
Well if one follows that thought it leads into interesting territory. Tolle, for instance, has a large section in his book devoted to naming and how it is an activity of the ego and how the ego rises up and gains importance and control through naming. He teaches how to think in ways that do not name things and how that activity leads to a higher form of thinking that feels much lighter and harmonious with one’s true self. This is not RWG. I am not putting down anything. I am just expanding out of the search box with you as you are venturing out. There is lots out there.
yeah i like that we are not doing rwg here … feels real good to me heart

but now you are really just waving at something that is really vague ambigous, and undefined.  and also relying on the  egoo (negative aspcts of eoo) to imply something that is wrong … but ego is a supurb aspect of our mutual lives here … it has its place … and yes, naming is something that is done from within a peculair ego … might stay there … but better is that it migrates into the larger culture.   There may well be a more advanced way that culture will develope that does not use naming … i am looking forward to it … but that is no reason for us not to use what the consciousness that is already working her that relys on naming.

Seth says
nathan 2016-01-17 11:54:48 [item 19691#42462]
Well I think search breakfast gives far more interesting results than breakfast. Just saying.  
seth 2016-01-17 12:34:16 [item 19691#42482]
well yes i see that yes … kudos for expanding context.

but at the same time i am focusing on my breakfasts when i say breakfast here in my mind … it was all about my pointing something out … and mark’s joke was not in the focus of what i was pointing to.  Some thing why we use URLs on the internet and not just point to searches. 
nathan 2016-01-17 12:44:41 [item 19691#42485]
Well now that is where I get confused. Most of this stuff is just personal preference based on how our own brains work, I agree with that. But this thing you often put out there when you say things like “focusing on my breakfast”. You have also said that this place [fbi] is much more personal space than things like FB.

I see that idea as an artifact of there only being a few people here. If there were 300 people here tagging their breakfast with a breakfast tag, you would be very hard pressed to find your own breakfast’s in the breakfast tag room, perhaps you never could. There could easily be over 1000 pages to go through. With search, you can add in more keywords to filter down to what you actually want. Once hundreds of people are using tags, won’t most tag rooms mostly be noise? Maybe interesting noise, to see what others had for breakfast, but finding “your own” stuff with tags will be harder in tag rooms than even browsing your own blog.
seth 2016-01-17 12:57:47 [item 19691#42490]
well that is why we have the docey-doe between a group mind and the more external collective mind.  so that relative to the representations here of my mind in group seth my pointer to breakfast is very very specific … i curate my representations continually to make them true to me. 

Where are you still confused?   I read what you said and it all makes perfect sense but does not explain your confusion to me.   All i see is your continued reluctance to play this language game because you do it better within yourself and  just don’t need to play it with others.  ← which, of course is true.
nathan 2016-01-17 13:09:19 [item 19691#42491]
I am truly trying to find the edges in thought here that I already feel intuitively. I knew you were going to bring up the group tag search thing, even though that does not fairly compare tags to search … it’s an extra feature tags have … on the global tag room is a fair comparison.

So to be fair, I will put in a group filter option on search too (good thing to have anyway) … then we can see if search performs as well as tags in a group. And if it does, it will not require extra work tagging things, the natural tags already in the language in the group thoughts will be more than enough.  

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