Editor cursor jumping around.

As to cursor jumping around … I have been using FF a lot more lately and noticed that happening in FF only sometimes. It seems to be a bug in the spell checker for FF. If it is happening on you, just turn off the spell checker until you are done with the posting.  i.e. On the ABC tool button, disable SCAYT. Maybe a fix will come out for the spell check plugin for FF soon.

Wanted to make sure this is seen. It actually was a big problem for me using FF until I figured out what it was. You know this is happening because the cursor tend to jump back to a misspelled word. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it makes finishing the thought very difficult and there is an easy workaround above.


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Seth says
surprise wow i will have to try that.  mine jumps around sometimes too … i tend to just live with shit like that … but love to go with better solutions.

Seth says
another thing that happens is if you type “the” too slow, you end ups with th e … or try to type “watch” … just little quirks … i bet there are some like that even with the FB or Gmail RTEs too.   Do these frustrate normal people? … don’t know … i am already a geek.

Mark de LA says
dA 2016-01-19 13:48:30 [item 19698#42940]

Mark. Did you read this thought?

You mentioned having editor problems. Could this be it?
I did, recently I saw some of that stuff, but not since. After I rebooted not so much. 

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