Identifying yourself as a person to our domain

First you identify yourself to our domain.  Either you “Sign in” because you have been here beore, or you “Sign up”  (create a new account) because you are new to us.
Signing up initially identifies yourself for the first time to this thinking.domain.

To “sign up”, enter your valid email address. 

[later you will be able to sign up with Facebook or other identifying services.  Your email address will be authenticated against your account.   Then if you forget your password, you will be able to reset it through you email. ]

We want to know who you are, so enter your full name.

Enter the name you that will appear on the screen for others to identify your thoughts and comments. 

Then make up a password and remember it and type it again so that you are sure.

Then click “Sign Up” (create accoount) and now we know you.


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