Small Bugs

Some of these bugs may be known or reported elsewhere … and some effect usability

Messaging changes:

newWhen there are no thought retrieved in a tag room, then the message should show something more like nothing in the river has been tagged with “<tag requested>” yet

LOL … yea right! (dA)

Identity and Groups:

Sign in – if the email address is not in the database, then clicking “Sign in” does nothing and does not report an error.


No sizing gadgets appear on upload images on Chrome and Safari
Not actionable. This is the way the plugin works. Took a look, code to complex to fix at this time. You can still size images and iframes with the properties dialog.

Style matters:

Menu mouseover help on some items in the tool bar are too small and unlike others.
Not actionable. Tried fixing this long ago. It is reverting to browser tooltips on “dropdown” items because the live tooltips interfere with the dropdown menu. I don’t like it either but it is not worth the time to try and fix bootstrap tooltips or to incur the weight of a whole separate tooltip plugin just to fix this small issue.

Person weould be better identified on the right side of the screen where it is expected on other sites … instead of the left as in fbi1.
Note that in mobile devices it reverts to left because the menu open hamburger is on the right.

new The hamburger menu in mobile does not click … making mobie almot impossible to navigate.

Add to the list or cross things off ...



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Seth says
seth 2016-02-07 19:59:29 [item 19880#44893]
bugstrange my edit privileges on this item in the river and in tag rooms seem to have disappeared.
dA 2016-02-08 06:14:46 [item 19880#44916]
Interesting. The way the new rights naturally apply is that you can only edit open group items “in the scope of the group”. Though this is a bug in terms of how it used to work, I am wondering if this is not a good idea.

It would help throttle open groups. I know that hasn’t been a big problem yet, but I think that is only because so few people are here. The first place new people go is the river. The first thing they will try to edit is things they can edit in the river. If there are 100 new people looking at the river and they all try and edit open group things there it will be crazypants! I kind of like that open group thoughts can only be edited in the group … seems like a good way to keep open groups from going ballistic, doesn’t it?
seth 2016-02-08 06:21:27 [item 19880#44917]
well if you wrote a thought you should be able to chage it, wherver you encounter it.    the old group based rights might be changing into more person based rights which can more easily be gamed.

Holmes says
seth 2016-02-10 06:09:39 [item 19789#45104]
i think the filtering options should always appear on top of the news room.  otherwise it becomes tedious to always be scrolling down to them to re filter.

dA 2016-02-10 06:11:51 [item 19789#45105]
Why do you refliter? I set mine at 3 hours and include me and never ever change it again. That’s a real nice setting that makes managing the news perfect.
seth 2016-02-10 06:15:35 [item 19789#45107]
many reasons … i end up changing it all the time … somtimes i want to include myself … somtimes i don’t want to see that and are only focusing on other’s thoughts … somtimes i want to go back in history after i have caught up … other times i am just interested in stuff that is happening right now. 
I just pretend like the news page is already the dropdown one and ignore the extra click to get there and ignore the extra info in the items and then all is well and news is easy.

Seth says
dA 2016-02-10 06:15:21 [item 19789#45106]
But anyway. I have been working towards the FB style dropdown news feed, which is far more ideal.
seth 2016-02-10 06:17:27 [item 19789#45108]
hopefully it will still be instantly configurable like the current news.   everybody uses tools differently.
nathan 2016-02-10 06:37:59 [item 19789#45110]
Not well designed tools. Well designed tools, like the iPhone, almost everyone uses the same. The design studies I attended stressed this a lot. You can tell the quality of your design by how much it is used the same or different.

But not to worry, you have imagination. Imagine what is ideal, grid it, and it will become your experience.  
seth 2016-02-10 06:46:31 [item 19789#45111]
people will do those things that a tool allows them to do, when it does the things they want to do.  tools that can only be used the way the designer does things, limit the natural freedom and creativity of their users. 
dA 2016-02-10 06:57:03 [item 19789#45112]
That is the exact opposite of what is taught in design school. A good designer understands the things people need and want to do, including the variations, and then designs a system that provides the cleanest and most intuitive path to do those things. When a tool needs to have a lot of variability in order for people to use it, it means the designer failed to understand the people he is designing for. The instructor actually used Apple vs Microsoft to illustrate this fact. (was a 3rd party school). Of course, that didn’t change what the Microsoft people I was with did at all, but it did nicely show which end to design from and how to tell when you are designing correctly.

But none of this has to do with us. We each design our own verses. Designing for others is really just syncing up the needs of the people we have designed into our verse with our thinking right now. When we have placed our beingness in the correct relationship to those factors, then the rest is simply the holodeck filling in the details. Grids are wonderful for that.
kind of depends on the level at which you are designing.   the presumption that a designer can predict or control how her tool is going to be used is a really bad presumption.   whatever you learned at Microsoft notwistanding.  i’m through with this argument. 

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