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i fucked up and deleted group nathan’s origninal thought here crying in an attempt to clean it of irrelivant rwg.   anyway i will continue below …

thinking out loud re gaming …

In games we take actions and garner consequences.   In this thread i want to sketch out some kinds of actions,  and some kinds of consequences.

Types of actions (moves) … Type of consequences … I am sure there are more categories that haven’t popped into my mind yet.  Of course this is all very general … but examples of each can emerge. 

My interest here is to think of how the various kinds of actions garner various kinds of consequences.  

For example:  a person can purchase a tool.  We could analyze how that game move would have consequences for the user and for the developer.  Alternatively a person could acquire status and get access to the same tools. 

My question is how these consequences are fungible … and how they are not?
… for example can a person buy trust? … can they buy status?   irl they certainly can buy tools, knowledge, and help.    What is the philosophy of all the different kinds of moves and consequences funging here?

discuss ...


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this is a creative, stay on topic, no rag zone.

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