I am concerned about Safari

Just some Safari bookmarks:
  1. url http://developer.apple.com/internet/safari/index.html
The Agile & Java groups I attend often make their presentations on Apple laptops & it seems as if quite a few use the mac . It is gaining steam in this limited area.  I had some marketing idea to present to the Agile group to get to some exposure down the road.


  1. safari
  2. opera
  3. client browsers
  4. rte not


Mark de LA says
Apparently there is no Safari for Windows!

Seth says
Web Page Development: Best Practices

It might be a good idea to have a separate page for add and edit where we send brousers that are not IE or FF.  This referenced page above might give some clue as to the design requirements of that. 

There are actually several client types that we need to be concerned with:
  1. safari and opera
  2. screen readers for visually impaired
  3. small hand held devices like palm piolets and cell phones

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