Excellent download while channeling Donatello and well worth it's own thought.

The way we commonly speak, so called “respectuflly”, came about in the times when there was royalty and common folk. The common folk were required by law to speak respectfully to royalty and almost never to speak their mind. This was not however, how royalty in those times spoke to each other.

In modern times, a version of that way of commoners speaking to royalty became the norm as royalty faded away. It was a hard thing for generations of commoners to shake. Now it is what people think they should do and is what they are used to. But even today people know in their gut there are problems with it. They placate that feeling in their gut by justifying this way of speaking as being a better way of honoring and respecting others … but it is not honest and is the cornerstone of many modern communication problems. This feeling of wrongness in our common, politically correct, way of speaking is the force behind both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders success. People are refreshed by their blatant honesty in being who they are and saying what they think, even when they don’t personally agree with it, and equally repelled by Hilliary’s common way of speaking.

It is thought better to hide what you think and pretend to be respectful and “be like others” or “a norm” instead of who you really are and representative of what you actually think. This does no one justice. It is, quite frankly, and quite literally, archaic. Not barbaric though, barbarians were far more honest with each other even if crude in manner.