Clarity vs Munge & Neolojism,

P.2553 #19,1 81-9-3-16-10-13-WED (29.12 yrs ago)
" ... Dai yot yao gih Ju Fun Eqx, III,3 #19, LI - SOl of Sol, Tiphareth of Tiphareth, the Cosmic Mean, Realisation, kon
P.1718 & P.1707 where very good advice is found to be applied to all phases of whatever you may be doing!  (2366) SIN POOK: II,7,12. Mathematics is good for you; its method increases the clarity of Self-Consciousness & its operations are performed much more easily than the muddling of most mysltics & magicians;  every number is infinite; take, e.g. #19; see what a world of meaning you can get out of it! In LI we have Polarity, the Double Brilliance; in 7, the RAINBOW & in 12 ! "
Lots more on math & projective geometry from tha Tai Shu commentary collection at P.2553  of the WebBrain .


Mark de LA says
Donatello of group da 2016-02-16 18:20:51 [item 19997#45781]
Math has value. So does the muddling of mystics and magicians. All is spirit, reality is made of it. Thoughts create with it. As long as the thought is clear it is leading you closer to self consciousness. That math creates clearer thoughts is only a matter of perspective of those who are sympathetic in vibration to math. Those sympathetic in vibration to magic are on an equal path to self consciousness.

What is of point is the muddling. Yes, those who choose to muddle others thoughts stand in the way of self consciousness. But, it is just as easy to be a muddler of others thoughts with advanced math as it is with dramatic incantations and shows. There is no difference.

If you deeply reflect, you will find those mathematicians who have muddled, and even those who they have muddled.
There is less Ego in math & mathematicians except those trying to build reputations – mostly academics in universitites & fields of endeavor. If one reflects on the basic zen meditition like za-zen & breathing (pranayama) one finds usually a wandering mind – I have done it for a year straight with Michael Hadley etc. It is easier to focus without Ego on mathematical problems like those of GW than those things that evoke Ego like channeling higher & sub-human species & other trance conditions. The latter if fraught with error & the problem of invocation & evocation .of exactly what you are channeling. If you are not aware of your own doubles you certainly won’t know which is you & which is the being you are channeling.  Some people are so thrilled by getting any results at all  they don’t bother to check . Not liking math is strange for a Gemini.  

Holmes says
Then we shall see.

Galileo believed that nature was inherently mathematical, that mathematics was the language of nature—that mathematics was the key to understanding the reality behind the appearance of natural phenomena (for example, accelerated and parabolic motions). What Galileo achieved in revolutionizing physics was to show how observation, careful measurement, and attention to the structure of a given event—all led to an appreciation of hidden causes that ultimately expressed the pervasive mathematical unity of all nature.

Holmes says
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 07:20:32 [item 19997#45809]
So apparently we now have one-way posts. Perhaps the ultimate graffiti. The only thing I can do with it is wash the wall of it.  Nice quote though. I don’t necessarily subscribe to it. rose
Not exactly as you say about ultimate graffiti. See thought 20006

However, better graffiti ability is highly desirable. ??????

Holmes says
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 07:20:32 [item 19997#45809]
So apparently we now have one-way posts. Perhaps the ultimate graffiti. The only thing I can do with it is wash the wall of it.  Nice quote though. I don’t necessarily subscribe to it. rose
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 07:27:05 [item 19997#45811]
Mathematics is a language for describing stuff (imaginary, physical & other) – part symbolic, part rigorous or scientific, part imaginative –>   but if I symbolize & language in some manner about existence of a rose does that mean that the foundation of existence is that language & symbolization? 
Donatello of group da 2016-02-17 07:30:00 [item 19997#45814]
No. So symbolize with your actions, by doing, then they are one. More efficient.
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 07:34:52 [item 19997#45815]
Thinking is NOT your schtick – I get that – doing in a mostly yin sense seems to be your faire – enjoy the
Donatello of group da 2016-02-17 07:39:44 [item 19997#45818]
Thinking is very important to me. Thinking creates what I can do. Thinking without following through with doing is only half living … a physical world and body is not required for that.
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 08:00:23 [item 19997#45834]
a human brain is kinda useful to thinking – some just emote though. Some philosopers probably disagree & yet there are philosophers who do by writing & some think & teach & write. & …. some doers who just take selfies looking for praise & adulation.
Donatello of group da 2016-02-17 08:05:47 [item 19997#45837]
That you can see an expression of pure spirit, such as taking selfies, as something less than thinking or writing, shows how you mis understand the Devine. Inspired action is Devine in any form it appears.
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 08:23:23 [item 19997#45842]
.. depends upon what God inspires you Lucifer-Ahriman, Christ, Allah, Jehova, Obama, Karl Marx, …… who says all action is inspired? Then too there those who write for Facebook.ponderinglaughing
Donatello of group da 2016-02-17 08:28:04 [item 19997#45843]
All Gods are Devine, even Facebook. There is no one way to live or think or express that is perfect or better. All that you experience is made of spirit. No matter what you pass judgment on, you are judging the Devine. The only judgment necessary is between your excitement and your action.
Mark of group mark 2016-02-17 08:36:10 [item 19997#45845]
Kinda the Yin thingy for you … GW has said that every ultimate particle has judgement , part of the nature of the Ego – .P.2693. but of course you would rather make your own shit/universe up – go for it.
Yes I would. Thank you. I am an artist and I am here to create.