Choices in initial group name plugin

Might as well make the first plugin ideally suited to the coopers. (pronouced co-op-ers)

Not saying for sure what I will end up making, but at this starting juncture I am checking in on a few points.

I am thinking to combine the group name collision resolver with the sign up dialog. The other option is to make them separate dialogs, one and then the other, order possibly variable.

For coopers, group names will be first.last names if it exists. This is probably best suited for the cooper environment and will not easily collide with other gaming choices going on in other parts of the domain while they are hosted here at fbi … and will still work well if they move.

Pre-sign them into rentonfoodcoop group? What kind of door makes this happen?

Restrict them from the rest of the domain (rwg etc.)? (not sure of when this feature can be implemented, but ultimately it would be a good feature and is part of my focus group model)

News is going to be interesting.


Seth says
well i like first.last yes

here is my thinking ...

I agree with yours above.  if they sign up manually, then their first and last must exist or the form would yields a error.  If there is already such a person, then the next person would be something like first.last.2.   

Thinking strckly out lound here …

if we ever sign them up in bulk, the same naming algorithm would work.   Seems that the door would just be a do-it button in a protected place.  Depending on when and where it would happen there might be a bit of a gucky check as to if they alrealy signed up manually.   Also then how to deliver their password?   The join form now has no passwrod protection for an invidual claiming their “My CoOp” page … which would be their personal identity group.   Not something that i want to even contemplate doing now … but i don’t see any major hitches which would preclude it whatever happens.  I really want their “My CoOp” page to be their personal identity group on whatever subdomain they end up with.  I can put that URL right in the membership database.  Eventually there should be a button when the members’s membership card can be directly printed right off her “My CoOp” page already containing a QR code that will identify her at the checkstand. 

We could use a private stickey thought to inform them of their balance which would also have the contribution buttons for them to add to it.

Restrict them form the rest of the domain?  Well that would only be a problem if it happens as a group here at fastblotit, and i would say, too bad … buy your own domain if you don’t like what happens here.  But to be practical, me thinks they will have their own domain when this really starts happening … and i am planning that it be … the wordpress website living in the root domain. 

Holmes says
seth of group seth 2016-02-17 12:37:00 [item 20009#45896]
i am also thinking that this membership system combined with a website and a forum is a real winner in terms of marketability.