Had to bring back silent

There are simply times when there is a need for this feature. For instance, active thoughts. I have the cooper sign up form which I need to be available to guests, so it can’t be private or a draft, but we defiantly don’t want active thoughts like this, which are not for everyone, to appear in public syndication. This particular form will likely either be given out as a invitational url, or be a sticky thought on the group header, or both.

However, it is now called muffle instead of silent and is accessed via a selection box containing publish, muffle, and private which is more clear as to it’s use. Draft is still draft and is purely for that, working on something out of ALL other eyes view and with additional editing and curation features that are only available in draft mode.


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Holmes says
seth of group seth 2016-02-18 19:43:12 [item 20030#46022]
for “normal internal use”, what is the difference between muffle and private? 

thinking out loud …

if i understand your intentions,  muffle is world public in that if a guest knows the url they can see it,  yet it  does not get into the river or the new or a group or tag room or a search.  in which case it internally behaves exactly like private.  Can you see it internally if you have the thought number? 
Yes. You can see it if you have the thought number, and you can see it if you go to the group but are not signed into the group. Go to group prototype and you should see the cooper form, but not else. Everything else there is private or draft. It is available everyone, just muffled.

Holmes says
It may be okay to have muffled in tag and title rooms. Right now they are not, but they do appear in search rooms. Not sure it really makes a difference either way. People going to tag and title rooms have a focus and will probably just ignore things they are not looking for, and by the same token, muffled things really don’t need to be in tag and title rooms either. So it hardly matters which way they dress.

Seth says
yeah like the way your thought 20012 worked … i went to it as seth and it told me i was already logged in … went to it as guest and it gave me a signup form … very kewl indeed.

what i am less sure of is why a normal person would ever need to write such a thingey.  how should a non programmer think of that status?

Holmes says
seth of group seth 2016-02-18 21:26:11 [item 20030#46029]
hmmm … i made a muffle thought … Hey what do you all thik of this? …maybe it is in muffle … but it is definitely thought 20032.  it feels almost like in it I can talk to the web outside of the domain without having people in the domain knowing … kind of a very special purpose tool … like a knife that can only cut tomatoes in square chunks.
Yes. I would use this often. I would write many more things here, and on Facebook, if they were not announced. Sometimes I want feedback, but often I just want to write something. I don’t want it private. I simply don’t want it broadcast that I wrote it. If people find it on their own by following threads of attraction, then they are where they should be and reading it is fine. A person should always have choice about if what they write is “put in play” in the game of life or not. Otherwise it feels like being inside a fishbowl.

Holmes says
I made muffled thoughts work in tag and title rooms. Mainly for tagging so that such thoughts can be worked with in collections or views in tag rooms. Title rooms just for consistency, if one, then the other … they have a paired relationship.

Muffled thoughts really are not different from other thoughts in the general scope. You might say that “they are simply without ego”. They are plain thoughts. They stand on their own without being pretentious, and are noticed by those upon who’s path they lay. Muffled describes them well, but so might plain, or serene, or even everyday thoughts.

Seth says
nathan of group nathan 2016-02-19 07:32:09 [item 20030#46041]
It is curious that you have often talked about thinking.domains as if what is not in the river and news is hidden. I look at the river and news like the floor of the stock exchange, or a ballroom, where all the public shouting and waving and dancing and festivities is happening, but there is so much more here. I have often browsed tag rooms and search rooms historically and wandered into lots of interesting things. And I rarely go to the river and I pluck from the news only what is about me … and someday want that to be taken care of automatically by my thinking.domain version of Seri.  
i go to the river to see what is happening from a different point of view than i get from that the sequence of events which the news presents.  Frequently i find things that i missed or skipped over or did not see from the point of view of their authors.  Also to curate it, or in many cases to try to curate it … you know, make it more representative of how i want the domain to appear.  But everybody is going to do this kind of thing differently … i doubt that we should design to just one way.  

Incidentally i will bet that you miss a lot of what happens here, and what things look like to others, by not looking in the river frequently.

Seth says
seth of group seth 2016-02-19 07:14:43 [item 20030#46039]
Okay, now i see how useful it is.  Not broadcast to others internally, yet (unlike private) shareable externally.  Yes, very useful yes.   However, Google might pickt it up if it is referenced … as such it is not completely without public notice. 
nathan of group nathan 2016-02-19 07:18:02 [item 20030#46040]
Yes, and it is shareable internally as well. It is not hidden from any internal eyes, only not waved in front of them. The whole SEO area needs to be upgraded in many ways. Right now, while we are developing, I have SEO tuned off except for the home page and it’s tag cloud so google doesn’t accidently grab unwanted work in progress.

Seth says
seth of group seth 2016-02-19 07:55:04 [item 20030#46046]
i think we should turn SEO on only for the permeations of the items themselves.  Search engines should be smart enough not to Index into a flow anyway … there must be a way to tell them what specifically to index.
道教, 道家思想 of group da 2016-02-19 08:01:56 [item 20030#46047]
Robots.txt is inadequate for that. I have looked at this before at other sites and again here. There are two ways it can be done.

One is to create a static file that is a directory map of all things for the search engine to look at. At a dynamic site, this must be created automatically. For instance, wordpress can be set to recreate the map every time a new blog entry is posted. Here, that would not work. It would kill the system to recreate a map every time a thought was posted.

The other way is to utilize the SEO meta tags at the top of every page. That is more suitable for this site, but will need an effort put forward to intelligently apply them to every kind of page so that they create a structure that is useful to the crawlers but not visiting every single thing, and variation of room, at the site.