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Did you folks design the website or did they already have one.  If the latter then what did signing them up  mean to you & them?


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Mark de LA says
seth of group seth 2016-02-20 21:57:43 [item 20108#46233]
Well  *I* just used our new sign up form, for the first time in the Bali Haines dressing room,  to make the fastblogie account for on my little iPhone.  Then *i* went to Twede’s cafe to have avacado burgers and chili with my gf who had been trying on the underware.  I hyperlinked that famous diner, just so as to lend context to the burgers.   Twede’s cafe was used in the Twin Peaks TV series from back in the 90s … one of the peaks must have been Mt Si, pictured in the first item of my fictious newbie2’s first thought, thought 20100.  so sorry for the wrong impression you got.
just a request for clarification