Examples of LOA breeding DNA mutation

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https://www.powerthesaurus.org/arrogance is the answer.thumbs up – in some cultures in the old days there were mean gods. cryingcryingthumbs down
When you acknowledge and understand that you create your verse, then you will decided. Until then, you are at the mercy of your undecided self trying to get your own attention.  


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Mark de LA says
Part time LOA people are as silly as part time Christians or part-time Golden Rule believers. Just one more trance & one more religion for the masses.

Holmes says
Who’s part time? You?

Holmes says
LOA says nothing about how people are to behave. In fact, quite the opposite. LOA says people will behave according to their vibrational state. Like attracts like, always. In other words, one cannot be “part time LOA”. They are either “full time LOA”, or … they are quite dead … not in the system at all.

What is closer to what you are noticing is vibrational affinity. In NLP this is called rapport. Tony Robbins demonstrated a couple of times, during our time in Austin Texas, being in rapport with rwg toting people in the audience. In LOA, this is called matching vibration with, and is exactly the same thing as rapport. LOA and NLP are similar disciplines of thought in quite a lot of ways, perhaps all.
What is actually the thing you are noticing and calling out with your post here is an antiquated religious belief that says that having some religious or thinking system is supposed to change someone’s behavior and make that person seem more likeable to others. Religious systems call this “being more spiritual” and other similar ideals. But it is the same thing. One cannot be more spiritual. All is made of spirit and all thoughts and actions are of spirit. One can only have experiences. One can only “do as thy wilt”. What people do is create belief structures in which they can have particular kinds of experiences.

You are making an attempt to categorize my behavior within your religious belief structures that you are having experiences within, whenever you say things like “Nathan not practicing LOA”. In fact, I am getting excellent rapport with your current vibrational state quite often, so from my point of view, not only can I “not help but practice LOA”, but I am allowing the conscious experience of it quite effectively.

Mark de LA says
Apparently if you believe the depleted nutritional material above from Poe –  LOA & RWG are equally OK with each other - the acceptance thingy of Esther notwithstanding. 

Holmes says
Not sure what “the acceptance thingy of Esther” is, but absolutely yes to the rest. LOA & RWG are not only equally OK with each other, but RWG is clear expression of the most basic LOA principals. Feeling the current of RWG in your veins is feeling the attractive forces of the multiverse in full momentum. As Tolle says about women’s menstrual cycles being an excellent doorway to consciousness, so is RWG, for it places one squarely in the middle of the emotions and the balance of forces where thought and manifestation come together. Anytime one consciously steps outside the game in a moment of RWG one changes their relationship to consciousness forever. It may be small step, or it may be a big step, but when made, it is very solid step in consciousness expansion.

Holmes says
It is not random that RWG is the food your ego identities crave. For it is the emotional “juice”, the raw power behind the feeling, that is the food stuff they thrive and survive upon. It is the spirit substance itself that RWG stirs up and places you in a vibrational relationship where you are able to experience these emotions and desire them. And desire them you do, for no one ever continues something that they do not desire in one way or another. Emotions are powerful things. RWG is a very effective way to get emotions to happen in your being.

Mark de LA says
If Poe wants to attract & behave inconsistent with the Golden Rule (antiquated???? – not in my book) maybe work more on the heart & a little less with Luciferic self-love.  Those that think the Golden Rule has been superseded I want nothing to do with! 

Holmes says
The golden rule is in total harmony with LOA, and with me.

The golden rule is not in harmony with many religious belief structures, including the one operating in your thought here. Which is “do that which others will like”.

Mark de LA says
MR of group mark 2016-02-22 13:41:39 [item 20115#46436]
That phrase is not on this page except from you – read more carefully .  I have written about the Golden Rule here & on fbi for the last 10 years.  No need to falsify what I said about it. No need to haggle about it.  I cant see how things such as :


have any Golden Rule congruency in them.  It is more like the opposite of vengeful & mean god – certainly not in Christ’s name. 
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 13:44:18 [item 20115#46437]
I believe it to be fully in Christ’s name. I believe that you are interpreting what you think Christ would want, in this case, through the haze of your ego’s wrath. I don’t hold that against you though. As I explain above, it is a place of power, and only one step away from consciousness for you, should you choose to take that step.
ponderingWonder where Christ said such a thing as incur my god power wrath or said his disciples should say such a thing.  Christ was not on a power trip – Lucifer & Ahriman are, though … the balancing between ultimate Egotism (Lucifer) & Extreme Materialism is done with LOVE not power.

Holmes says
Christ said what he said in his time for his reasons. I say what I say in my time for my reasons. No where I know of does Christ say what anyone, including his disciples, should say. The ideas that religion says what one can and cannot say enter into religion long after Christ, in the period surrounding the inquisition for instance. Christ taught how to achieve a state of Grace, not what is right and wrong. So does LOA. It teaches how to get into your Vortex (your state of Grace), and that there is no right and wrong.

It is the organized churches of the lands that teach anything about right and wrong, not the base of any well considered religion, or Christ. All basic teachings are how to be happy, and live long and prosper. Right and wrong, say this and not that, is always added later.

Mark de LA says
MR of group mark 2016-02-22 16:05:48 [item 20115#46448]
Yep … so Nate makes the shit up! laughing Actually, I laugh at it knowing it is just Nate swearing at me or someone else, nothing I am sure he would appreciate if I did it back to him , yet & also it is funny if I believed he were some god or could do such a thingy .  It is just butt-hole bloviating. 
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 16:09:46 [item 20115#46449]
Well go figure. I do think that. And I have no interest in swearing at you, even through some round about means like that. I feel obligated to feed your ego identities and to use that feeding, by tainting it, as a way of helping you get your loose ends cleaned up. That’s really about as far as it goes. To do that I must be in rapport, simply the way it is, as you are well aware.
.. & feed your own nmetaphors .. laughing & ego not really appreciating who is actually eating it all.

Holmes says
As you wish. It’s your design. If you like it that way, cool!

Mark de LA says
BTW, I don’t much listen to the churches, temples, synagogues or ??? . Such is as silly as listening to Nate. I use my own intuition & senses & contemplation & logic & rationality & experience etc.
no need ..  

Mark de LA says
Your children born believing in one-ended rainbows & no tao …. kewl.  Just because you run your children’s churches doesn’t make them any better. If there is distinction there is tao. Maybe it is just all a munge-out. You obviously make the word evil – evil! laughing

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 16:44:17 [item 20115#46455]
How so? What is evil about words or that word?
kewl, Nate disparages the word evil, but it is not evil – what is it then …. munging out the meanings of words is kewl for you folks.   I wonder if ISIS making young children behead their enemies is evil in Nate’s mind? pondering Does he talk himself into another universe to do it?

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 16:33:44 [item 20115#46453]
Your own thinking and feelings and intuition tells you there is evil? Really? That’s amazing!

Most people only get that from parents or church or state or peers. I have no experience of someone arriving at the concept of evil entirely, or validating it, through their own internal processes. No children are born with the idea, it is learned only.
… maybe the dictionary … https://www.powerthesaurus.org/evil laughing 1 K worth of synonyms to muge away into nothing thumbs up

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 16:53:07 [item 20115#46458]
ISIS is a character having an experience of her choosing. What’s evil about that? All who participate in her experience are having their experiences of their choosing. What’s evil about that? Point out this evil. Where does it live? Who decides it’s evil? Where do you feel it and know it since you say you do so on your own?
Wrong ISIS, dude! ISIS is a terrorist group fighting in Syria & Iraq these days – catch up or not. 

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:06:36 [item 20115#46460]
Okay. I spend most of my time not working on thinking.domains in other verses where things are different. But how does it really change with this other ISIS? Experiences are experiences. We each set up our belief structures so that we can have the ones we choose to have. Not saying I personally want those experiences, hence I personally don’t have them … I have the ones I have set up and am looking for. But if there is one thing I know is wrong in all the verses, it’s judging someone else’s experience as wrong. That is not our’s to judge. Do you believe it is?
As long as we don’t interact anything is good. It is when it slops over & we have to interact that I have to recognize you are there & as an ultimate particle in the Universe I have judgements as do you – you have demonstrated that quite enough already today. I can ignore you, but fortunately or otherwise we are using the same tool – fbi2.798 .  At least facebook has a way of blocking notifications of others in the news stream .  Maybe we should copy that behavior. 

Mark de LA says
No man is an Island, but Nate is his own Universe. laughing; an Ego unto himself. Still trying to grok the workability of such an arrangement but not all in one day – maybe some other one.  He keeps showing up here for some strange reason.pondering

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:27:26 [item 20115#46464]
You don’t need software tools to change personal interactions. This is all your design. Do a grid and change your vibrational relationship to any aspect of interacting with me you desire and it will change. It’s that simple and straight forward.
same old bullshit. 

Mark de LA says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:36:00 [item 20115#46466]
Have you tried it? How do you know it is bullshit if you don’t try it? I believe the other day you were talking about how important it is to try things for yourself instead of relying on any other source. You were even quoting Steiner on that. So have you tried it?
Tried what? kissing your arse? (see picture) It’s all my fault & I should change my beliefs to believe in your beliefs?  I have watched ~ 200 + videos of Abraham, Esther, Goldman etc. Most of it is trance & NLP . Your proselytizing here doesn’t encourage. I am in the business of getting rid of beliefs – not adding more. 

Holmes says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:51:36 [item 20115#46468]
Watching videos is good for learning what to try, how to do something. What of all that was presented have you tried? Have you ever done a grid? A focus wheel? A rampage? Exactly how they are described?
MR of group mark 2016-02-22 17:56:51 [item 20115#46470]
The rampages have some effect because she (Esther) talks so loud & fast one does not have any room to think or feel otherwise. The focus wheel are basically what I did in date with destiny but we used a deck of cards metaphor. Did YOU do any cruises with Ester etc. ?
No. But Natalie and I would like to do a Abe cruse.
Still working on getting a passport for Darcy. Complications with his Dad(s) … unless the Alaska cruse.

I have been to workshops, but mostly just read the books, watched lots of Abe Tubes, and lots of doing. Years of it in fact, starting in 2006. Each year more and more would line up and happen until now it’s just a thing I do when I want something different, almost automatic, and it works easily.

The meditation cd is really good too. Listening to one of the 4 on it once a day has accelerated the process for nearly everyone I know who has tried. The health meditation is really powerful. But as with all such things, doing and an open mind is needed. And not that results are far away either. Nearly everyone gets results right off the bat, especially in areas of their life they are not uptight about. But everyone has those choice areas that they have put so much energy into already that it takes time to shovel it out enough to get results with.


Holmes says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:55:11 [item 20115#46469]
With Burt’s stuff. Did you do the program? Step by step? I had to do the whole first program all the way through exactly as given before I got results. My early attempts at short cuts or alternative techniques based on my own knowledge did not work. Now that I have quantum jumped, I have perfected lots of short cuts … but I had to follow his steps exactly to get over the hurdle of the first jump.
MR of group mark 2016-02-22 18:16:22 [item 20115#46472]
I have Burt’s $300 set of stuff, quite virgin,  I will put in the pot (tip-jar) for something useful but someone else has to pay the shipping. Didn’t do the book work though. Any trance repeated over & over will work eventually.  I did one with my my accountant’s brother years ago when I was playing raquetball & working out in the gym. Same trance down the stairs opening a door etc. except he sowed the seed that any day I ate I had to work out.  I found myself on the freeway & had forgotten & for some peculiar reason I just had to get off & go back & exercise & did. smug Been studying hypnosis since I was 19 & in chem class studying in the Biomed library.  Read every book available but Milton’s book was always out.  I invent my own trances mostly. Some are amazing. 
Well, getting into a trance state, or actually another verse, is not really the point. It doesn’t really matter what happens or how any one person represents the experience. What is important is having an experience that allows you to gain knowledge, experience, or new behaviors that change your current experience in your life … or, if you like, just taking a vacation as another version of you somewhere else … one that feels real and leaves you satisfied afterward.

It sounds like you have been more focused on the nature of the experience than on the possible outcomes and what they can do for you. The more outcome oriented you become, the more the experience will shift into that which supports better and better outcomes … it will become more and more a satisfying experience that you value in your life.

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