LOA vs RWG interactions

LOA says nothing about how people are to behave. In fact, quite the opposite. LOA says people will behave according to their vibrational state. Like attracts like, always. In other words, one cannot be “part time LOA”. They are either “full time LOA”, or … they are quite dead … not in the system at all.

What is closer to what you are noticing is vibrational affinity. In NLP this is called rapport. Tony Robbins demonstrated a couple of times, during our time in Austin Texas, being in rapport with rwg toting people in the audience. In LOA, this is called matching vibration with, and is exactly the same thing as rapport. LOA and NLP are similar disciplines of thought in quite a lot of ways, perhaps all.
What is actually the thing you are noticing and calling out with your post here is an antiquated religious belief that says that having some religious or thinking system is supposed to change someone’s behavior and make that person seem more likeable to others. Religious systems call this “being more spiritual” and other similar ideals. But it is the same thing. One cannot be more spiritual. All is made of spirit and all thoughts and actions are of spirit. One can only have experiences. One can only “do as thy wilt”. What people do is create belief structures in which they can have particular kinds of experiences.

You are making an attempt to categorize my behavior within your religious belief structures that you are having experiences within, whenever you say things like “Nathan not practicing LOA”. In fact, I am getting excellent rapport with your current vibrational state quite often, so from my point of view, not only can I “not help but practice LOA”, but I am allowing the conscious experience of it quite effectively.


Seth says
well that hangs together very well over here.  and explains some interactions that i have experienced happening. 

There are, however, just a couple of assumptions contained there … assumptions which appear to me as belonging to your “religious” beliefs … they are not necessarily shared by other people.   Here are the ones that i noticed:
  • Like attracts like, always. ← especially the “always” quantifier.  i think it is more complicated than that.  Seems that this  “single principle” is part of your religious belief – not mine. 
  • What people do is create belief structures in which they can have particular kinds of experience ← i would say people create belief structures and have experiences within those assumptions.  That they do it intentionally is more of a religious belief.
Outside of that i think you nailed it for me … well said … and first time i have heard it said … and thanks smug

Seth says
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 17:24:12 [item 20117#46462]
Quotes not showing for some reason so I had to go back and find the comment referenced. I believe that some aspect of each individuals whole being is aware of the the choices that put individuals into the happenings they are in … but I would agree that how much an individual is aware of the whole process varies widely. Many are not aware of the intentions behind the experiences they are having, and some experiences would be impossible to have if such was known … it would defuse all the tension and set up required for the full experience. Sometimes it requires many years to prepare the right conditions and emotions and beliefs for an experience. From what I have learned, our corner of the verses is unique in that aspect. Those who come here do so exactly because they can go so deep into the experience that they loose all contact with their larger self and always existing connection to all.

I don’t have any example of like not attracting like. I covered this from a physics point of view using magnets elsewhere here somewhere. So at the moment, I have no reason to believe it is not “always”.
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i don’t know why the quote does not show up for you in the body of the thought.  it shows up for me across 3 different devices ...and never disappears.    i rather think it is something local to you.

i have not experienced any evidence supporting your belief in a person creating their entire predicament based upon part of their being wanting it.    Logically it does not make sense to me.  But I can see how it justifies much of your other beliefs.  If i believed that as religiously as you apparently do, i can see how it would enhance my pride and my glory in my ego.

I covered with you why attracting is not the only force in the universe  … There is also the force of spreading out … see The wisdom of the natural seperating of being .   But apparently that force does not even appear to you in this context  … or said differently it is not in your network … er, not in your universes.  Yet I experience daily evidence that It is in mine. 
Poe of group da 2016-02-22 20:14:53 [item 20117#46477]
It shows up now. Didn’t earlier, only the blue at the bottom did. 

The understanding that there are larger parts of me directing my experience reduces pride and glory in my ego. It is things that make me want to be bigger or better than others that increases my ego. Knowing that it is all my creation and I don’t have to compete with others for things or resources or affection or emotion allows me to step back and relax into the experiences and be present with my ego so that it returns to its proper place and function and enjoy the others I create and have a wonderful time in the experience as an equal participant.

The stuff about force is point of view anyway. Many experts, Ouspensky, and others, I think even Einstein, have shown how all apparent force is only perspective and place of observation. We could argue forever about an apparent force as long as we stand in different points to observe it. I would say that since it is perspective, then all force being attractive in nature is a valid choice. But whatever, it’s like gravity, it always just works.
The blue bar probably got copied from the original post.

Well your logic is at least consistent … if you are the entire universe, then of course you created your own perdicament laugh.    I factor things differently.  I can feel the boundaries of my being.   Your choice is just the same as choosing to religiously not believe in otherness ...that which is not you.  Totally consistent your are.

Forces are felt relative to an observer … the full implication of that is what  Einstein used in his theory of relativity … that does not imply that things do not spread out.   Gravity is not the only force in the universe … check out some objective physical experiments if you doubt it.   Attraction is not the only force in life … watch nature with a objective eye … i could point out plenty of examples … but you would find some way to rationalize them away.