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As good as any – a Yin perspective check these as examples. None pops out just yet but this one is cute

Can use the cube rather than the wheel & all of the zodiac. Thrive would please the #1 value here. And the power thesaurus has these wordsyes
zangtaingketthaisuthimdjontagwang – gentsyt


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Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
For amusement since current topics are neutral. Please keep the graffiti to yourselves . I prefer art & music to text & meaning quibbles.

Si says

Si says
This is pretty good!  

Si says
One side note on this. Energy, power, strength, stamina, etc are not specifically related to the focus wheel process … even a redoing of one in a cube format.

Those properties are better said to relate to something like a “rampage process” I would think.

Mark de LA says
Yep 3D  beats a flat circle for any map ‘til you get to projective geometry that map even infinity. thumbs up

Si says
Okay. I think a 3D focus wheel like process would be cool. But don’t get sidetracked by the process, it is only a map, not the territory. The territory is one’s thoughts and the journey the map takes you on is in changing the sequence and quality of ones thoughts to align with a desired focus. Reading the map by itself is not enough, and once the journey is well known, the map is no longer needed.

Mark de LA says
Yep, & basically it is anchoring – whether to a word & text or a symbol or whatever. If you vanced to my values circa 1988 they could be a wheel or a cube inside a dodecahedron or whatever something I can remind myself . nullTR suggested a deck of cards . Rearranging them allowed one to shift value priorities & thus outomes.  Occultists use maps like the OtzChiim & mandalas & sigils.  Watch the movie The Ninth Gate – quite fun .

Si says
No, actually it is not. I see how you would say that only knowing about the focus wheel from the outside, but it is not an anchoring process. It is closer to Bandler’s sub modality processes than it is to an anchoring process. Correctly doing a focus wheel process changes the sequence and quality of your thoughts as well as future thought processes about the subject … much like, but not identical to, how changing the sub modalities of a representation change experience in NLP.

Mark de LA says
XOR it is just anchoring dressed up to fit LOA null – something to focus on while accessing a feeling/emotion.

Si says
Whatever mark. It is not that. If you will do one by the book, you will see that it is not, and have a real feel for what it actually is. Otherwise, you are only arm-chair piloting this flying boat.

Mark de LA says
Enjoy the glow of being special. 

Si says
Now that, I most certainly do enjoy!    
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#kudos → mark 

Seth says

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