Something that i really want ....

Hmmm … if i bought  a beer could i get the bloody .1 taken off of newbies names when they don’t even collide.   .1s sould be for th e first person who collides. 


Holmes says
They are your golden eggs I suppose. But I sure don’t want to be around when you start giving them away for free. If people have a nice name that is fully their own name, they will have no incentive to stick around and learn the system until they see how great it is. If you tell them they can earn it, they will most likely try and in doing so they will get to know the greatness here. Instead, you will just keep throwing away people’s real names to transients … and have far more transients too because people won’t have any reason to see what this place is all about. The’ll just gobble up nice names and move on.

And even now, you can have a 2nd door anywhere you like that forgoes the extra number for your vip’s. The number is intended for the masses who will just stop by … it keeps them longer if they have a reason to stay. And keeping people is the name of the game.

You could give out “real name” coupons and all kinds of things that bring people in via your 2nd door. At least if they come by some means like that, then they are more likely to stay. People who walk in the front door unprompted are the least likely to stay if there are no cookies set out to try or a show to watch or something to keep them around longer, after they grab the hand crafted one of a kind tag with their name on it off the wall. 

If you give them a plain tag with their name and number on it and tell them if they sit and watch the show they can have that hand crafted tag up there, the’ll sit, the’ll   watch. It’s only a little 15 minute show.      

p.s. Could even be a real 5 minute youtube video they can watch showcasing  . That could be one of the ways to get a quality name tag.