Modernizing three fold - Draft Notes

Useful content in Chapter 1.
Side note. I notice that I speak and especially write as did Steiner. Same clarity of thought, confidence in viewpoint, factual statements of knowledge, understanding, and experience, of self and others. Perhaps there is a connection as my Mom did often read Steiner to me for the first 3 years of my life. In any case, it seems a better way to express. People then know exactly where you stand and who you are in this moment. There is no pretense and superficiality. This is how you understand your experience in this moment, exactly so.

Useful content in Chapter 2
So today we have two outer systems that apply the same. The middle fold was needed during the conditions that existed 100 years ago. It still exists today, but is ready to be discarded by the rest of the organism. In the body it is equivalent to the rhythm section. I believe it is simply being replaced by our rhythm with our state of being and inner guidance over outer (political and governmental) forms of rhythm.

Interestingly the [1st fold] is really Seth’s networking idea. If his feeling and affinity to it can be well defined it should be the same thing. The [2nd fold] is inner guidance and play and modern extreme physical expression and is guided though excitement. The [3rd fold] is us, our life as an experience, what we each bring to the table as individuals managing our own realities.

Note: Intentionally not linking Seth’s existing networking thought. That page has bad vibes. Needs a fresh start.

Useful content in Chapter 3
Very clear and exactly what we are doing now with LOA and all the similar spiritual understandings that are growing everywhere now. Most of chapter 3 is about what to do and applies to 100 years ago and has either been done or fell by the wayside and is out of date. We can apply the three fold as it will work today and is outlined in the modernization of chapter 2 above. Seems clear and workable.


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Mark de LA says
Besides technology that has changed since RS in 1919, the world population has increased ~4-fold to today’s 7.36 billion. Communication is easier. Commerce & the distribution of goods & services has gone world wide. Human spirituality no longer depends upon gurus but deep principles remain the same & freedom & love are the evolutionary path. A forking may occur ultimately for those who willfully don’t choose that path. 

Mark de LA says
I can only guess this the book “World Economy” ? Whoever wrote the root of the thought might share it with the rest. Wasn’t me.
XOR might have been

Mark de LA says

The earth is really something that must be called “living being.” In accordance with geographical differentiations, the most varied forces stream up out of the various territories. Therefore people must not be separated according to territory but must receive from one another what is good and great in each territory and what can be produced just there. Hence a spiritual scientific world view is intent upon creating something that can really be accepted by all nations in all regions. For people must advance in the mutual exchange of their spiritual treasures. This is the important point.
-  RS via

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