Much faster regex for expressions

There is no blame here. Only announcement of delight!

Wile working on the reference parser today I noticed that the main regex expression seemed odd. I just now took both it and what I thought it should be to the regex factory. (I use ).

Obviously the one being used works, but the factory says it takes 27 internal steps to process the regex. The more normal one only takes 6 steps! Hence we just gained a *4+ speed advantage parsing references.

Here is the original


and here is the new one … they look similar but they process the expression in entirely different ways


All the reference tests fully pass using both.

p.s. The system now accepts either [!reference ...] or [reference ...] anywhere so we can start getting our fingers used to the new [!reference ...] format during the transition period.


Holmes says
You can now talk about references.

They are no longer a bogus subject. All you need do is put a backslash right after the first bracket. The backslash will not print and the reference will be displayed instead of evaluated.

example: [!tag talking about references]

The only thing you cannot talk about is how you talk about references. It is not worth adding a protocol just for that. But take my word for it … put a [ then a \ then the rest as normal and you can talk about any reference.

Seth says
seth of group seth 2016-03-02 20:01:06 [item 20245#47687]

am i tripping or is there now no way to set the style of text back to “normal” once it is set to something else?

Poe of group da 2016-03-02 20:02:39 [item 20245#47688]
I think your tripping. For one thing, normal has always been on the Format menu, not the Styles menu. It can also be reset using the Tx button next to the strikethrough button.
seth of group seth 2016-03-02 20:10:08 [item 20245#47689]
oh ok, we use Tx instead to take off styles … even though it says it removes format where we use “Normal” instead.  i forgot about that.
Poe of group da 2016-03-02 20:14:03 [item 20245#47690]
Yep. And normal is still there on the Format menu. I have not changed any of that at all. The only thing I did in the last month was disable 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and nth … but that had no effect on the menus. Nice not to get that tiny th anymore though!
good thing i can get these flashes and see where the language used in places is confused and confusing.  

For example:

     Marker → Highlight
     Keyboard Ph → Black background
     Variable …. not even descriptive enough for me to ever use it
     “Inline Quotation   …. ditto
     Tx [Remove Format] → Remove Styles