Contents of Speak as of 3/3/2016

  1. a good customer and a good friend
  2. About Speak To Me Catalog
  3. alphalist
  4. Alternative packaging for the Solar Powered Bible
  5. Audio Guide for Prodigy (Talking) Glucometer
  6. Boxes for the talking bible
  7. Comparison between blue and black talking bible
  8. Denise is to make a presentation on Saturday
  9. dmarks
  10. (private thought)
  11. Grabbing sound demos from youtube
  12. How to turn a cassette tape into a podcast ?
  13. Instructions for for Solar Powered Bible
  14. New product
  15. (private thought)
  16. Packaging for Solar Powered Bible
  17. Packaging for Solar Powered Bible
  18. (private thought)
  19. Pinyo's famous post
  20. (private thought)
  21. programming amazon store project (public)
  22. renewal of ssl certificate for
  23. seen at the Seattle Gift Show
  24. server crash
  25. shipping dimensions for Solar Powered Bible
  26. speak amazon store
  27. Speak To Me Print Catalog
  28. starting a new adsense campaign for
  29. Talking Bible at wholesale prices
  30. This is the organization that licenses the NASB that we sell
  31. (private thought)
  32. What's hot at speak to me catalog
  33. (private thought)


  1. contents

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