Doorway to the Multiverse

When I was just a little boy (40’s or early 50’s) & could finish Frank L Baum’s books by myself GW gave me a book the story summarized was a set of short stories where the protagonist went up or down a series of steps & at some step he would look up & find himself in a different world in the past or future or unknown time.  It was not a child’s book .  Sometimes the place was fun & sometimes it was war time or ??? Anyway …
​The storyline is similar to Goldman’s trances for Quantum Leaping  or google quantum leaping .
​Moving forward I think I found the doorway to the multiverse via MC Escher:
​& the vista tower 


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Mark de LA says
Some get confused as to where they are:
& – mind-read others thinking they know what the other is thinking:  
& some just like to keep 
”the ball” rolling on & on & on: …
​from one universe to another without realizing they have not gone very far away at all

Holmes says
Topanga of group da 2016-03-04 09:25:30 [item 20300#47974]
Some fly around, alighting wherever their desire takes them. Delighting in watching others, and having a great day with friends!
MR of group mark 2016-03-04 09:36:28 [item 20300#47975]
Some sip the nectar where they choose:

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