An attention memvance (sans ego)

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Mark: Speaking of landing somewhere. I tried the general search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the header & got one the challenge is when I follow an item expecting a memvance remem it gets lost & brings up a previous search.  I think all lists presented should act like menus. Maybe ….

Nathan: Well, that is what I say often too.   …….  So, until what [you] said, I have been alone.

Seth:  Well yes i think you and Mark have a good idea idea.

If inquiries like news and search would open as a pop up menu without moving a person’s attention away from that tab, and then if the person clicked in the menu, the system would open a new tab and leave the old focus intact.  That in fact would would be a memvance.  The person could kill the old tab (remem) when she was through and be right back in the context  from whence she was diverted . 


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Seth says
Topanga of group da 2016-03-05 13:34:20 [item 20318#48111]
Well, you do realize that is built into the browser?

If you hold down the command key and click on a link it opens in a new tab?
yep i do that an awful lot … but i usually use the right menu click.   i even use it to go to news. 

Seth says
Topanga of group da 2016-03-05 13:39:57 [item 20318#48113]
IDK if I would always want that. Often I know where I am going and just want to click and keep going. But making it an option would just be an extra click instead of the right click or command key, so no click savings. There is such a thing as too many ways to do something.
seth of group seth 2016-03-05 13:42:53 [item 20318#48114]
i though Mark’s idea was to open a menu on top of the current page …. that way if no click was made, her attention would not even get diverted, she would just release the menu and maybe even be back in her input box.    Opening a new tab on the hyperlink of news would would be overkill … but just examining the popup menu would be fast and easy. 
Topanga of group da 2016-03-05 14:05:44 [item 20318#48116]
If I just opened a new tab from the magnifying glass, the same old bug would still happen. I would have to open a new tab off of any search result to fix it that way.
seth of group seth 2016-03-05 14:13:13 [item 20318#48118]
well i thought the idea was to open just a popup menu when clicking (or enering) on the hourglass.  …. and then, yes, open a new tab only if the person clicked to see one of the  search results …. and then to do the same thing in news.

bear in mind i am not lobbying to do that …. just following mark’s idea that i thought you liked too.
Topanga of group da 2016-03-05 14:18:08 [item 20318#48120]
Well, what I liked got lost in translation. It was about the idea that news needs a filter and what would happen if there were more people here. Both of those were crossing back and forth in that thread.
oh … well stuff does get lost when static is in the air.   i carefully read that whole thread and this was the only new idea i saw.  it is obvious that we will need some kind of filering when there is a lot of people.  i did not see how that necessity connected with mark’s idea. 

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