Things that a sign up can do

(wizzad’s not allowed here. if any manifest, document will be abandoned)

The sign up process is essentially up to date with the state of the art defined over the last few weeks. New stuff has been borne as desires in the last few days but obviously such stuff will be integrated over time as it pops.

Recent additions include:

  1. Notification count reset to 0.
  2. Profile tag added to the template thought 20089
  3. Default profile image.
  4. A little help and info sauce here and there. (more will be via an integrated help system)
  5. New profile tag option initial causes the profile to be expanded until either bio or image is filled.
  6. Full password change ability.

Must hav’s unyet done:

  1. Ability to prevent deleting the profile thought.

Thoughts flying around the thotisphere:

  1. Making real name display optional.
  2. Choosing i’m with stupid group name later so author can well consider it first. (it’s a minion joke)
  3. What get’s included in go to group menu.

proudly scribed using markdown?


  1. rfc


Seth says
Tristin 2016-03-11 10:27:05 [item 20400#48883]


ok i revised the welome letter … now going to go be a new be

BettyBoop says
after signup seem to land in wrong place

← i say it should be on the welcome letter

Si says
BettyBoop 2016-03-11 11:10:40 [item 20400#48901]
and going here to change the title is not somehing that a newbe would expect to have to learn to do.  that needs to be done for them the firt time auomatically based upon the info that was entered into the regitration form.
Okay. that one got lost between all the different lists everywhere. :) 

BettyBoop says
nathan 2016-03-11 11:06:29 [item 20400#48898]
Should have been both. Should have landed you in the profile group room and that is only the sticky on the top. The welcome letter should be below it. However, she has to finish her profile anyway … so should be there.
BettyBoop 2016-03-11 11:13:23 [item 20400#48904]
i would switch them … and no she does not need to finish her profile.   she can do that later when she has her bearing.
nathan 2016-03-11 11:14:30 [item 20400#48905]
Can’t switch them … unless you want the welcome letter to be a sticky … that’s pretty rude though. Sticky thoughts can’t be back roomed and it takes time to learn how to unsticky one.
well i was thinking wong there.   the profile is the first sticky thought in the profile group.   must be.  and the system should do that for the person … and collapse it to look like the real profile that it is.

so the welcome is just the first thought there to welcome them.

BettyBoop says
so kill me … and let seth know when to be a new new be

Seth says
seth 2016-03-11 12:05:33 [item 20400#48931]
i revised the (private thought) letter according to Betty’s experiece.
nathan 2016-03-11 12:09:04 [item 20400#48932]
Okay. Mostly looks good. I am not sure the heart is helping much though. A heart doesn’t look like a person, which is what would normally be seen there. And for a new user, it will be the default profile of a person. I was looking for the heart up in my menu bar!  
seth 2016-03-11 12:24:59 [item 20400#48934]
ok … i’ll change i to my advatar.

afterall this is a personal greeting from person to person … at leat in fastblogit … other wizzards will doubtless welcome with a different tone.

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