Feeling Domains

This group is part of the trilogy of group abstract domains group actiongroup thinking domains is unto itself under different curation.  
Thought, Feeling & Will (or Action) are the primary domains of people in the World. Being able to separate the three & recombine them under one’s own purpose (Do What Thou Wilt!) is evolutionary in the direction this group aspires. We like s threefoldness in general though this is more personal & threefoldness is more social. Temporary picture from (*) captures my feelings at the moment:



Seth says
nathan 2016-03-10 10:40:10 [item 20403#48732]
This is a normal group, not a profile group.

reference only does things in a person’s personal profile group. It manages and display’s that person’s actual author profile.

There is no equivalent for a normal group.  

Seth says
some ineresting groups there mark.  we will need to see how they can get real names in their URL’s … that ability apparently has yet to pop even here at fastblogit.