There are no actual individuals, there are only moments within all possibilities.

-- Tristin


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Si says

Si says
#RingsTrue #deepShit

Seth says
#hmmm ...

Seth says
so i am a variable ...

Si says
No, you are a moment.  

… and your apparent stability is only momentary incongruity.

Seth says
no quite literally I am a variable.   i am that identity whose’s #MeMembrane, the separation between what i am and what i am not, changes from moment to moment. 

Si says
That was not you. You are only you now … and now … and now. All those others are not you. They are just others … similar to you, but as separate from you as someone with a different name.

Seth says
nope those other moments are me as well … i do continuously as a #manifold … of that identity i am aware in flashed moments. 

i #believe it is the same for you … but #KeepingItReal #IDoNotKnow.

#MathGuy says follow #manifold to #SeeAlso

Si says
You pretend those other moments are you. That’s how you pretend to have a time identity, like a tail behind you. But it is only a pretend tail … possibilities, nothing more. You choose those possibilities every moment anew. All that is you is now, nothing else. This is why even Bashar says “your memories are constructed in the now, every now anew”. It’s all a grand illusion, a story you write, a play you put on … but you … you are only now, this is you now, nothing else.

Everything else is as different from you now as your wife or son is different too. And if you want to, you can experience that difference … between you and what is not you.

Seth says
no #pretend’ence  at all … do not forget! … i was there.   i do continuously as a manifold … perhaps some people do not, #IDoNotKnow.   but for me to  presume that the scattered moments of what i do are unrelated inside of me would be to tell myself a lie.

Si says
You are creating “there” right now, in your #MindPalace … and others like to do the same, even about the same things and events, or actually only a tiny bit the same, the rest is all different because it is only a creation … there is only so much that people can get the same and be #fairwitness about. All the rest will always be different … because it is all different, the sameness is the illusion … the “creation”. That is what we create together … sameness, or a little bit of it anyway.

Seth says
seems to me you are off on a tangent. 

i am what i do.  i do continuously as a manifold.    and to be honest with you there are discontinuities that happen inside and outside of me … no big problem … my #BeIng hangs together quite well indeed … other people even recognize it as i flash bye.
and yes that #manifold interacts with others … going yada yada yada however we do … in our dance.

Si says
Yes, that is the story, but it is only a story, one you are telling, one you are weaving out of possible moments, it is not you, you are only this moment.  

Si says
… and every story you weave now can be out of any possible moments. That is your power, that is your right … should you so choose.  

Seth says
#omg another tangent.

yep the story of me is not me … not the manifold … the map is not the territory … the model not what it models …  how many times doth that come up as if it refuted an story that accurately matched experience … and at least for me #FeelsTrue.

Si says
I think you are using “feeling consistent” as your meaning for “feeling true”. That’s one way to define trueness, but it is not about reality, it is just about how circumstances connect in a story.

Seth says
when i do something, eg write this,  then i can perceive how it feels.  that feeling is what i refer to when i say of some #representation  that it #FeelsTrue.   And yes that is the way i am using these words.  #MeThinks others who talk philosophically about language use those kind of words the same way.

And yes, “that is about how circumstances connect to the story” ← an astute observation indeed null.

But when you say  of some strange unspecified “it” that “it is not about reality” … er, well that thought seems too vague and   #unRepresented   for me to think it and it #FeelsTrue. 

Seth says

Si says
Simply goes toward #WhatIsReality anyway, that’s all.  

When one discovers that circumstances are just story elements, and can be varied at will with the right tools and beliefs, then one gets closer to the truness of reality … and interestingly closer to what the sages have been saying all along … i.e. reality is an illusion, and all there is is this moment, the now. When I heard those before, I didn’t really know what to do with them, how to represent them in my experience, or how to connect them to all else … now I do … now I know from a direct place of feeling and experience what those sayings mean and how they talk about true reality.  

Seth says
but to me #circumstances are not just story elements … rather they are what #happens.   Some bow to my will and creation … some do not … and that varies as i do from moment to moment … do not forget,  I am a variable.

and what #happens is not “an illusion” … albeit  I perceive it relative to #MeManifold … and so that very definitely gives me a lot of #Freedom  which i do so dearly love null

Si says
Well, the way I see it, you are becoming an expert on story telling in reality, and the elements and nuances of story telling. I am becoming an expert on reality … or at least, the next available level of it that we can perceive while inside, or just outside, a story.  

Seth says

Seth says
quite true indeed … #MeManifold is definitely into writing … #HellYes i #love null to write true sentences and then hear them #RingTrue … the truer the better …  #ThanksForNoticing 

Si says

Seth says

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