Today @ the FBI

Just an average day at the FBI

  1. Added setting to group settings for any group to allow selecting default thought status.
  2. Added done button to profile editor.
  3. Added group title field to profile editor.
  4. Draft for UNIVERSAL DATA ACCESS syntax
  5. Fixed tag bug preventing removal if same tag had been removed and applied more than once.
  6. Improved selfie plugin to have a max image width of 300 so biguns don't hog the page.
  7. Reworked administrator group manager to use new script model and API for delete.
  8. Added an " administer group" item to the group menu for administrators only.
  9. Created a generalized template for plugins with pop-up dialogs.
  10. Developed and added a re-grep for [!group] references in thoughts to the group rename utility.

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