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Navigating the signs of the web


<a href=”where i really am going”>where you say i am going</a>


If we know not 
where we are going
or where are,
then we are lost.

Bozo Faust


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novice says
but if you click on the group newbies you go to http://www.fastblogit.com/207 … i wonder if my own group works that way?

Seth says
novice 2016-03-13 08:14:34 [item 20474#49137]
well i am surprised surprise that i can refer to group newbies but have no named way to refer to myself except as group 206
seth 2016-03-13 08:16:41 [item 20474#49138]
seems like you should be able to say group novice … hmmm let us see if you can

Si says
nathan 2016-03-13 08:22:37 [item 20474#49141]
… and I am not pushing personal preference either. I actually use the url bar A LOT. I just know what others are thinking and doing.  I know where the wind is blowing, because it always blows right through me.
seth 2016-03-13 08:35:58 [item 20474#49142]
 the important thing is that we provide people the tools and knowledge to do what is possible for them to do and show them the edges that help them learn.    making people keenly aware of where they have navigated to on the web, helps that process.  taking it away just makes people less aware and makes it harder for them to learn what they are doing.  

the biggies on the internet have no particular interest in helping people become aware … that doesn help their bottom line.  i’d like thinking domains to be different.  thinking domains is all about people being aware of what they are doing when they look at their computer screen and interact with the web.  

but we don’t need to rubb that between us … we see this differently.  the important thing is that we give them excellant tools and the know-how to effectively use them. 

No. We don’t see it differently. I agree with that in general. It would be a great way to go.

But it simply is not where people ARE going and the “we” in your statement is almost only just “you” (and a very few others).

Doesn’t matter what we do with thinking.domains when in a year there are no more url bars in browsers to make all that effort visible. If we want to join the global game in progress, then we would be thinking about how to mask where people are and keep them coming back here to point and click to go anywhere else from. We would be building an application that tried it’s best to keep people here, and moving only from here, as much as possible. We would be collecting and organizing everything people want to do under our hidden umbrella as much as technically possible … via apps, and searchers, and views, and commentary, and lots and lots of contextual links to everything people want to do. That’s the game in town.


Si says
In thinking about it, I also realize that my use of the url bar is primarily copy and paste. In the last whole year I probably only typed in 20 actual url’s. 

Even when I want to go to a well known site like bitbucket, I don’t bother typing in bitbucket.com, I just type in bitbucket or even bitbu and click on the first link that comes up in google which will invariably be the site.

The idea of people knowing and typing in url’s, sharing them over the phone, and on the sides of busses, is from the last decade.

Next decade people will be sharing simple #tag words and everything will work from those. Url’s will be history.

novice says
nathan 2016-03-13 09:12:56 [item 20474#49147]
Nice that you moved this here. But take care. It is still owned by a test user and will go bye bye along with all it’s comments when that test user is wiped.

The API has a protocol for administrators to transfer ownership of a thought. It is for situations like this.  
yes i was wondering about that.   and yes we will almost certainly want to kill bill.   but no i don’t want this thought to go away.  and no i don’t want to rethink it.   so what is the solution?

Holmes says
… and finally, once thought ownership is transferred, any comments where novice is on the outside will also go away. So add to that thread if you want to keep it so that the new owner is not novice.

wizzad says
seth 2016-03-13 07:44:57 [item 20474#49128]
interesting the URL of this group in Safari does not show anyplace on the screen surprise
nathan 2016-03-13 07:52:50 [item 20474#49134]
Well, as I said. Urls are being de-emphasized “by the consensus”. They are now just for starting your browser session and barely for that (because usually you start from history or bookmarks).

After your session is going, you don’t need a url bar anymore.

Unless you are talking about something else, but this consensus is still becoming more and more true regardless. The big guys like it too because it keeps people in “their court”.  The users like it because it gives them more screen space and they hate thinking about url’s.
novice 2016-03-13 08:10:52 [item 20474#49136]
well URL are only being deemphasized in your little narrow corner of the universe laugh … mabye Safari is in that verse. 

i think newbies not being made keenly aware of where they are inside a domain slows their learning of how the internet works.  lots of problems that are encountered in the wilds are easily solved by glancing at that address … not seeing it means that learning does not take place. 

in this case here i am trying to learn the distinction as Bill between my new group and my own blog in regard to linking it and telling people about it.   easier for me to do that learning in firefox, than in safari.
nathan 2016-03-13 08:20:36 [item 20474#49140]
  • Web corporations love URL bars gone because it gives them more opportunity to keep people in their space.
  • Users love URL bars gone because they hate them and the space they use. They just want to point and click.
  • Developers love URL bars gone so they don’t have to put extra effort into engineering nice url’s.
  • Mobile users absolutely hate typing in URL on tiny keyboards. They just wan to point and click and whoever gives them that ability in total first will own them straight up.
All these forces and players are in total harmony on this. The only exception is the tiny fringe group of free thinkers. And they are only a few hunderd thousand compared to the billions of the rest of the web users. And forces like Donald Trump would also love to see the URL bar gone.

Sorry, like it or not, you are in the vast minority on this subject. I didn’t even know it was gone from Safari because I don’t use Safari much, I only knew it was coming soon. Apperently they are the first, but they will not be the last … in a year you will have to do special stuff to get a url bar in any browser.  
seth 2016-03-13 08:54:43 [item 20474#49144]
well browsing is navigating in a space.  Navigating involves looking out the window and being able to read the street signs.   … or on the open sea … being able to see the stars.  the more you take those away, the more people don’t know where they are … of their own senses …. all they will know is what  a salesman wants them to know.   

that the industry and you are zigging here into stupidity … does not mean that you have pulled the wool over my eyes.  

This is all about the hyperlink … the arrows that people browse … that moves their attention from here to there.   People need to know not only what the sign says, but also where to where they jump.  Otherwise you are treating them like sheep … under your your control.   That is not what i choose to do here. 
nathan 2016-03-13 08:59:22 [item 20474#49146]
No. I’m talking about new ways of doing things. Url’s are old and clumsy. A blast from the past.

Next up is #tags and things like them … simple words and phrases that get you where you are going. Five years from now people will think about url’s they way they do today about VHS movies. In five years or less if you try and give someone a url outside of a link in a page they’ll look at you like “what am I supposed to do with that”?  
cool kewl … then we are ahead of the game … we already got tags … go hyperlinks smug

Seth says
Jarvis 2016-03-13 09:17:05 [item 20474#49148]
The protocol you would be looking for is this one:

domain / thought / reassign ? id=<id> & user=<uid>
domain / thought / reassign ? id=<id> & profile=<group> **
right-own-thought | right-edit-scripts
novice 2016-03-13 09:35:35 [item 20474#49150]
oh wow … kewl … you told me how …. now let me see if i can do it yes
seth 2016-03-13 09:36:28 [item 20474#49151]
i mean me … not you bill … you are not going to be around all that very long … sorry
novice 2016-03-13 09:37:17 [item 20474#49152]
crying please please … im begging for mercy
get out of Firefox, Bill … i want to use it !

Holmes says
novice 2016-03-13 07:50:23 [item 20474#49133]
hmmm group novice … nope that is not my group name … so i am group 206 now
nathan 2016-03-13 07:55:47 [item 20474#49135]
Don’t know why you are looking up in the url bar. No newbee does that. The url space is under “application control” as always at any app site.  
M. 2016-03-13 09:47:54 [item 20474#49157]
.. for some it is a matter of trust during instant evolution like wtf is going on? & I look up there … for others it seems to be a requirement for getting pictures in the items & comments.  I wouldn’t talk down to newbies, beginners or novices if I wanted some more of them. laughing
Hummmm … plucked sound bytes out of a much bigger conversation.

Holmes says
Same for Denise.

Holmes says
Seth 2016-03-14 05:53:09 [item 20474#49253]
i guess bill got killed …. but then who owns this thought?
dA 2016-03-14 05:55:14 [item 20474#49254]
Someone who doesn’t exist.
But if you add him back, I can connect them.
I just need new user id’s to reconnect an author.
Or can assign the thoughts to someone else.
Seth 2016-03-14 05:58:52 [item 20474#49256]
well in this case, let’s just leave this one for me to do … a learning example.  

but i think bill should still alive in some form, unless you intentionally splayed him.
Humm ... the script that reconnects an author was not in the API.
I made it to fix the snafu last night.
I guess I could make it a  superuser API command though.
It could be useful sometimes.

Holmes says
The problem in this case though would be you figuring out the old author id’s to feed to the command. I use the sql console for that. Not sure how else to do that.

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