Multiple Timelines from To Sail Beyond the Sunset (Fiction)

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One of my favorite quotes comes from the middle of the book which I bought when I found out which one.
Here is the context wonderfully put in a section of the book where he is apparently studying multiple timelines of history.thumbs up I just happened to think of the book while writing in group concrete domains was looking for the word grok (defined in Stranger in a Strange Land) in this book with my quote.  cool I shall read it when I get a tuit soon



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Mark de LA says
The scan of my favorite quote see s bread and circuses is somewhat different in the context of the book. Read it here and it gets even clearer. thumbs up

Mark de LA says
I started reading this book the day after this post & in the context of the current political situation. Quite fascinating & prescient . It is fun to read Heinlein.  In the 60’s Stranger in a Strange Land seemed to be a bible of the emotions of the flower children of that time.  The word grok was introduced into a few vocabularies.  So far I wonder if there will be anything fun to read in the blogs & postings here & elsewhere in the quick & somewhat transient electronic media of the Internet. The new media is heavily laden with twitterings of selfie-flower-children. 

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