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Holmes says
Oh, and good luck with this. It allows access to just about anything FB … but there are prolly 500 commands just on the GET side of it … and many options to each.

Seth says
dA 2016-03-14 13:07:05 [item 20529#49382]
Now if you say you want one of these for the thinking.domains API … I’ll kill ya!
wink  well it’s all the same giant web … what makes it intereting is trans  domain jumps …. keeping the experience coherant.

Seth says
nathan 2016-03-14 20:39:39 [item 20529#49419]
I checked into it. You can get the counts for a link … pretty much what you see above the button. And you can get ALL  the likes for a particular user who has authorized this app, but that is all of their likes forever, about 200 at a time, for however many thousands they have. And you have to ask their explicit permission to do that via the login. Then you can see if your url is in their likes.

The graph API does not give you a FB page where a share or like goes to. And it doesn’t give you back ALL the people who liked something. Both are considered outside their app security model because it gives you access to information about users who have not authorized your app yet. FB only lets an app gain info about users who have already authorized that app. (logged in through it etc)

So through the graph API, all you can practically get are like and share counts for a page here … which the buttons can show anyway. The analytics console gives a lot more info, but it is all statistical about the page views, likes, and other things, even some demographics. But nothing that ties things to specific users or items in FB pages.

When someone likes or share’s your url, on your page, on FB, or anywhere, it does count as a like for you though. Likes simply count url’s, wherever they are liked from, and they start at 0 when your app is created.
yeah not very useful. 

Seth says
re facebook developers notification

Version Deprecation
Speak To Me Catalog currently has access to Graph API v2.1 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 30 October, 2016. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v2.2 or higher.
To check if your app will be affected by this upgrade you can use the Version Upgrade Tool. This will show you which calls, if any, are affected by this change as well as any replacement calls in newer versions. If you do not see any calls, your app may not be affected by this change.
You can also use our changelog to see the full list of changes in all Graph API versions.
5 minutes ago

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