Seth says

Seth says
Beowulf 2016-03-14 16:49:17 [item 20535#49402]
Cool! Notice what the FB title is when there is no title or about.
yes thumbs up… very kewl cool indeed smug.   So let SeriTD totally identify it, if it is left unidentified by the author herself. 

Holmes says
Robert Johnson 2016-03-14 18:35:27 [item 20535#49408]
Mark 2016-03-14 18:46:10 [item 20535#49409]
strange . no such group & nobody by that name
Beowulf 2016-03-14 18:47:10 [item 20535#49410]
That’s a guest comment. See it is not a link? (or was not)
Group author is just an alias for group anonymous.
Mark 2016-03-14 18:53:51 [item 20535#49411]
Thanks, clear as soup.
nathan 2016-03-14 18:55:10 [item 20535#49412]
??? You don’t know what a guest is? Or an anonymous user without a group?
Mark 2016-03-14 19:25:51 [item 20535#49414]
I guess I was a guest this morning for a while. Don’t know why his name is Robert Johnson.  I presume such is useful to somebody. (maybe a test)  I don’t think I  could post as a guest. Anyway I will wait for the user guide or doc or intuit by experiment from the cosmic ooze. smug Don’t grok the OMG aspect of it showing up here. Those things have been around a while.
Well, the IP address suggests this is another person … or someone from around here using an alternate device somewhere, it is not a normal ip address for the people here.

Why wouldn’t a person call themselves by their name?

Guest commenting has always been an ability at FBI. But you cannot post, you can only comment as a guest. Almost nothing has changed for guest commenting between FBI1 and FBI2. They still don’t even get a rich text editor. Nothing really unusual here … almost exactly the same way it would have looked if a guest had commented in FBI1.

Since Seth shared this on his FB, does it seem unusual that someone would have come and looked and commented?

Seth says
yeah in the olden days we used to get these quite occasionally, maybe mark forgot …. the more you share, them more people come and comment.  this one is pretty innocuous.