One keyframe describes this entire Mandelbrot verse. The whole Mandelbrot exists in it’s entirety, and yet, the computer only ever renders (manifests) one frame at a time. Only what is in range of our senses (the video screen) need ever be rendered no matter where our attention moves, or where our attention zooms … and always, one frame at a time is ever being shown (the now).

Simply let each person chose their keframe (point of birth) and start moving their attention (generating frames of their Mandelbrot in 3 dimensions at different points relative to each other) and you have verses in a multiverse.

Not very resource intensive either. A simple computer (human brain) can generate the scape that can be experienced (with the 5 senses) at any point or level of zoom. The whole Mandelbrot never need be rendered at once. Only what is being experienced. Attention simply moves around within the already existing matrix of all of it, one frame at a time.

When the Mandelbrots of two individuals matamatically sync up, otherness is experienced, even though each other is an entirely separate Mandelbrot in the mutiverse because each is still generated from it’s own keyframe which is always different.

Experience itself is simply the movement of attention … where attention goes next in the 3 dimensions of the Mandelbrot, and the recording of that is an experience.

Still not the territory, but another nice map describing the landscape of the multiverse.   


Si says
Seth 2016-03-19 05:37:00 [item 20597#49824]
well my “keyframe” changes … it was not determined at birth … i expect the same for many others … therefore my verses are not determined … which is why they are fun. 

when i sync with others there is no otherness there … no need any longer … unlike your mathematical model here which is otherness to me, whereas mine is event driven wink
nathan 2016-03-19 05:49:18 [item 20597#49825]
How would you know your keyframe changes? Everything you experience is fully described by this model. One does not need to have a different keyframe to be able to shift their attention anywhere they like in the Mandelbrot generated from it. I’m not saying keyframes cannot be changed. I call that quatum jumping. But all that one experiences in a usual life, including all life choice, would be able to be fully described within one Mandelbrot from one keyframe. How would you know your keyframe was changing?

Not sure what you are saying about otherness. It is true that in actual Mandelbrots we have not yet been merging them in any mathimatical way (attempting to represent otherness). It’s a new idea for Mandelbrots. But if it were to be worked out, it would be able to generate the exact same kind of experience we all have of otherness while still allowing others to be an entirely separate verse of their own. It would be a good map.
Seth 2016-03-19 06:27:28 [item 20597#49826]
i know my “keyframe” changes because i cannot predict what happens … i’ve never known anyone who can completely … unlike that which is generated from an equation.   you are talking about determinism.   you model does not distinguish between what happens and what possibly could happen … to you that is all just a matter of navigating attention … the manderblolt does match your model because it does not have such a distinction either.    mine does … in my model, what happens is not already determined.
other Mandelbrots meeting is an interesting idea … never heard of that being done surprise or even talked about.   How would you do it?

what you are calling “otherness” is not the same thing i am calling “otherness”.  others are not me … simple.  if i am syncing with some other,  then it is more me, and less not me … your manderbolt model is  using otherness almost exactly opposite to that.   
You would not be able to predict what happens any more than the video player can predict what will appear next. You can make choices, change your zoom trajectory every so slightly at any moment and the verse that unfolds in front of you would be entirely different, fist a little, then completely, even though it was a happening in the exact same Mandelbrot generated from the same keyframe.

Just imagine that as you watch this video. Change where you choose to zoom next in any entire video frame. What unfolds next would be completely different. But still the same Mandelbrot … the same verse.

Otherness would work the same way. Nothing you say about otherness would change at all. It would be able to be that exact same experience that you have now. You would only be more aware of the fact that other’s have entirely different Mandelbrots from you (whole different complete versions of reality). Something that right now you can be aware of, but simply don’t include it. The aspects of experience of otherness that you do include would all be the same.

Mark de LA says
The zoomtube was a nice trance inducer! thumbs upidea – interesting example of expository analogizing – a quote from the Tai Shu of GW on P.2759 – 

P.2759 circa August 1983 – Using the same outer lines for the inner calculation as previously explained shows the tzu of the above & below according to the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. (**)  This is not Reasoning by analogy but Analogy of Reasoning & Reality!