Si says
Seth 2016-03-21 05:21:23 [item 20614#49880]
ahh so surprise thumbs up
Mark 2016-03-21 07:29:28 [item 20614#49884]
You folks seem to be “citizens” of both! laughing
nathan 2016-03-21 07:55:42 [item 20614#49888]
Interesting judgment. Factually bare of any threads.
Mark 2016-03-21 08:06:02 [item 20614#49889]
How would you know anyway about the truthiness of your meme if you were not a citizen of both? laughing
nathan 2016-03-21 08:08:24 [item 20614#49890]
Same way you do when you choose not to let go of your current beliefs and patterns for fear it will land you in the nut house, I suppose. Could be the same, probably is.
Mark 2016-03-21 08:12:22 [item 20614#49892]
Your mind-reading is shit as usual.  I do not have that fear! thumbs down
Well, I said “I suppose” … and you do use that as your stated reason why a person should not do a lot of things. Just saying.

Seth says
Seth 2016-03-21 08:26:43 [item 20614#49898]
i think it is more an awareness than a fear.   Has to do with other people.   When i am psychotic i act so strange that others become afraid of me.  ← which usually has unwanted consequences.   I tend to avoid that now.   But i do not avoid swimming in the waters and testing radical assumptions … now, however i am more aware of my effect on others who do not have those peculiar beliefs. 
Mark 2016-03-21 08:28:18 [item 20614#49899]

Never underestimate the value of consciousness during these moments.


Si says
I don’t think the intent here is to associate to the psychotic, but rather to realize that like swimming, it’s only being out of one’s normal element, and harmonious navigation there can be learned and obtained. And like swimming, some are more a natural at it than others. But all can learn … and like water, is a realm that covers much of the space we inhabit. Why limit oneself to land if by only the thought of drowning?