Definition:  “aug” is  a negative feeling that a person gets associated with something.   This kind of an associated qualia is  subjectively felt by a person and is not necessarily felt by others. 

I am coining this usage  … google aug for other contemporary usages of “aug”. 

I think it is almost the same as “oogie”  but notice oogie is used a bit differently … viz,  compare “Nathan copped an oogie to fastblogit” … “Nathan copped an aug to fastblogit” ← the latter works better.  


Here is an important connotation of the word:   Most people would feel disgusted when seeing someone eat shit.  It not an aug.  Now most people love ice cream … were I to feel disgusted by seeing someone eat ice cream … that would be an aug. 


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Mark de LA says
Mark 2016-03-21 08:10:44 [item 20618#49891]
I call that a grellick – a contraction of grok & pellick. laughing
Seth 2016-03-21 08:38:53 [item 20618#49903]
“grellick” might be as good as “aug” except the latter is shorter and memorable and easy to spell ….  and most of all it had naturally bonded itself with me … i started using it, search aug,  before i intentionally started using it.   Is there a current dictionaried English word for this same thing?   I think not, at leas i can not think of one.  There might be a psych jargon term for it … but i don’t always be hanging in those circles. 
Mark 2016-03-21 08:48:01 [item 20618#49905]
maybe an emo.  you can treat a grellick as a synonym of an aug.  the qualia def in wkpdia also had an article on propositional attitudes which is similar.
Seth 2016-03-21 08:52:34 [item 20618#49907]
yep an aug is frequently a propositional attitude …  a particular type of qualia … a negative one.   emo is also a qualia, but not necessarily negative. 

i think it came from “oogie” … an oogie feeling can be an aug.  the word just works.
aug has the etymology of augment: – oogie or oog is more mnemonic. BUT
augment (v.) Look up augment at
c. 1400, from Old French augmenter "increase, enhance" (14c.), from Late Latin augmentare "to increase," from Latin augmentum "an increase," fromaugere "to increase, make big, enlarge, enrich," from PIE root *aug- (1) "to increase" (cognates: Sanskrit ojas- "strength;" Lithuanian augu "to grow,"aukstas "high, of superior rank;" Greek auxo "increase," auxein "to increase;" Gothic aukan "to grow, increase;" Old English eacien "to increase"). Related:Augmented; augmenting. As a noun from early 15c.

Seth says
Note:  “aug” is a noun … not an adjitive  like “oogie”.   It is the feeling itself … not an description or property of a feeling.  It is the type of qualia.  {aug isA qualia}.  

Mark de LA says
#aug ↔  Seth’s definition is in this 20618 – was not easy to follow the #hashtag to the def. A negative feeling about something is not intrinsic (but extrinsic) & belongs to the class of things an individual creates from & for his selfie about something outside himself

Seth says

We create our own feelings … they can be about stuff inside, or stuff outside.  Now clearly if you never do create an #aug about something inside yourself … and always do create #aug’s about stuff outside yourself, then a thought like “#aug’s are always extrinsic”  will certainly #RingsTrue null

Mark de LA says
Huh? ^2
So why label something as an #aug as if your opinion about somefeeling inside carries some weight for others?

Mark de LA says
BTW, what’s the antonym of an aug or #aug?  a #wow ?

Seth says
not sure where you are going with that … but i will go along anyway …

In general, yes, i do not feel that an #aug i have about myself carries any weight with others null … unless perhaps they are treating me like a doctor for some ailment i have inside.   For example I might say to a psychiatrist,  “i hate myself” … and then she might know what to say back.


Seth says

Si says
We don’t create #feelings. Let me see you create one. Try it.  

Feelings are a sensory channel telling your discriminatory information between your current thoughts, and all that you intrinsically are evolved to be (as Abraham would say, your vortex self).

In this sense, you can #obtain feelings by managing your thoughts. Your thoughts are something you can create and control. But feelings are a sense and thus you cannot create them any more than you can create the color blue as seen by your eye (lower levels of reality where you do create everything not withstanding … that level is below sensory information).

Seth says
#hmmm … i rather think than none of it is 100% … lots of #sliderSwitches involved.  i have definitely caught myself making myself feel bad … and have learned how to make myself feel good … the latter i usually do via my deeds … and somtimes it changes by changing the context of my thoughts. 

newits more like i employ all manner of internal and external spirits to change … some thought on it in swim .  the idea that thoughts control feelings and deeds and senses goes quite #tilt here. 

Si says
Sure, there are slider switches … but feelings are a sense and they respond to thoughts because they are sensing the quality of your thoughts in respect to your desires, they are not created by someone … even if your thinking about some aspect of another does bring them, it is still your thoughts that are being responded to by the feeling sensory apparatus.

Si says

Si says
In order to actually do different deeds, you have to have (choose) different thoughts. That is what your feelings are actually responding to, your different thoughts, not the deeds.

Seth says
i dont know …  this is a very dynamic area in me … i am not sure i can write true sentences about it … or even grock others theories about it.

Si says
Okay. It is easily testable … well easily if one is able to be authentic. Because feelings are responding to thoughts, not deeds, it follows that all that is necessary to change feelings is changing thoughts … without doing anything. And in fact, that is what one discovers when they do that.

If you know that some deed will change your feeling, and instead of the deed, you only think the exact thoughts that you would think if you had done the deed. Your feelings will change. If they don’t, you are simply not being authentic enough with yourself to allow your thoughts to actually change. Pretending to change your thoughts but not actually doing so doesn’t cut it.  

Si says
I did not say thoughts control feelings. That is quite wrong. I said feelings “sense” thoughts. Specifically the difference between a thought that is on track for you, and a thought that is off track for you.

Saying thoughts control feelings is like saying thoughts control the colors you see. Feelings respond to thoughts, are not controlled by thoughts. You can’t just will yourself to feel different or even simply decide to feel different … you must actually change a thought, then you will feel different. These are more ways you can test it btw.

Seth says
#hmmm ...

Mark de LA says
#NLP & LOA etc. have techniques that definitely show how one can create feelings & others can create feelings in you – #brainwashing is one; vortex technology is another.  Movies & media & politics do it all the time.  Maybe even try a firewalk. null

Si says

Si says
Yes that is true. And, all those techniques have exactly one thing in common. They end up actually changing a thought. When most people try and change a thought, they only pretend to change it, but still hold onto the vibration of the thought they are replacing so it is still dominate. Techniques like you note there serve to get around this and actually change some thought … then the feeling that is sensing that thought also changes.  

Seth says
i think it is clear that a feeling is a person sensing something.  i am going to go with Navigator on that being the most consistent way to think about feelings.  But those feeling change according to thoughts, deeds, or external circumstances.  Exactly how they change is not just simple but rather embodies the total amazement of what is happening with us.   I could tell you examples of those changes,  but i do hesitate to write generalities about them, for my fingers have been tuned to only write true sentences null

Si says

Mark de LA says
In an old tape set from Richard Bandler on Design Human Engineering that I have he showed how to create  a moog like emotion control board which provided for blending all kinds of feelings until one could have the exact shade of feeling one wanted; not unlike what Esther & the high flying disk stuff does for those who are into a different brand of hypnosis. Your chicken-&-egg thingy is dully noted. null

Seth says
i think we all can agree that we can change feelings … tune ourselves to sense a spirit … right?

Mark de LA says
GW taught that thought, feeling & will normally munged up together in daily experience can be separated out to function independently of each other & then be combined together with love for true freedom. Don’t be a prisoner of your thoughts.  Don’t be a prisoner of your feelings. Don’t just be a prisoner of your will. Choose freedom & love.

Seth says
well i am not so very sure that thought, feeling, and deed can function independently of each other in a healthy person.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 21518

Si says
And things change. We rewrite our verses every moment. What #GW came to understand may very well be true for the state of things while he was exploring … and quite different from the state of things now. Things change. Even Steiner was a grand advocate for how much changed in all realms of thought, perception ability, relationship’s between things, and spiritual awareness, between his times and other earlier times. The only constant is that everything eventually changes.  

So I don’t invalidate what #GW is saying … I am simply relating what is in effect now, circa 2016.

Mark de LA says
Nah! You are just running your belief system – your already-always imaginary abstractia pool – with a touch of #ageism on top.  Just about every generation comes up with one – some of them empty.

Seth says

Si says
I say again, that every generation comes up with their own, because these things are actually changing … why else would they do that? We both agree they do, and no one is out there saying every generation except some one root generation is wrong, so clearly every generation is at least partially right … things are simply changing.

It’s actually the idea that what you learned and discovered in your life is “the one right thing” that is not tenable.  

Mark de LA says
I prefer the terms evolution, transformation & metamorphosis – changing is just stirring the pot – soup tastes the same.  Takes a little intuition to tell the difference.  In ‘64 not quite there yet: sex, drugs & rock & roll still needed to be recapitulated in each generation (see RS)  null– roaring 20’s coming up again in 4 years, eh? (*) et al.  Lots of kewl people born in 1941 !

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
what you say here #RingsTrue to me too … except that “change” is just a generalization on evolution, transformation & metamorphosis ← that is all it is linguistically, no use to #aug the word.

null But sure there is change which from a broader perspective is not change at all … like you say, is just stirring the pot.

#mathGuy says, “when we look for change,  we always do seek the highest derivitive.

Si says
There is a problem with this glossary definition. It didn’t unindex it when you removed “#aug” from the title. It should only be indexed when there is “#aug” in the title.

Leave it for now. I need to use it to troubleshoot. Thanks!

Seth says

Si says
Okay. The indexer is fixed. But guess what, you do have #aug in another title in group seth and it is now the defacto #aug term for group seth.

It is at Is nothing by an oobey feeling of death

Seth says
fixed it, #thanks

Si says

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