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Mark de LA says
Mark 2016-03-22 08:57:11 [item 20629#49988]
Watched quite a few of them. Interesting ontology. Like most religions it relies on belief & faith – (see: 20621 ) & rewards belief & faith with something. pondering
nathan 2016-03-22 09:01:02 [item 20629#49989]
Unlike “religions” LOA only asks you to do and discover for yourself what works for you. Groupies hang around anything, even Tony Robbins and NLP. The material and doing of it is all that matters. Abraham teaches nothing else … just giving you some ideas of what to try doing and what it might be able to do for you.
Mark 2016-03-22 09:05:20 [item 20629#49990]
Same with GW & Anthroposophy & Zen …. laughing Do something under the belief & you get a reward.
nathan 2016-03-22 09:16:39 [item 20629#49991]
Yep. Really, any good system boils down to simply “saying yes” to what is exciting. They all work that same way once you distill out the human contributions. What I like about LOA is that it tells you straight up, that’s it. No system on top of a system. It’s the bottom line.
Mark 2016-03-22 09:24:06 [item 20629#49992]
You seem to like forking – me not so much. Excitement works for some stuff & silence, peace, centering, agape love & many other emotions work just as well.  The Abraham “God” apparently rewards excitement ( in your interpretation) – Zen rewards meditation & focus – Kundalini rewards sex control (similar to AC) … etc.
nathan 2016-03-22 09:28:38 [item 20629#49994]
I don’t consider silence, peace, centering, etc emotions … including love. Some of those are actions, others are states of being. Emotions are a sensory channel … and I would be willing to bet that when good things come to you via silence, peace, etc that it was the exciting thing for you to be doing at that moment.  

I am not sure you have really locked onto what is meant by the emotion of excitement.
Mark 2016-03-22 09:51:17 [item 20629#49997]
An emotion is something that moves you to ….?…. maybe you have a different dictionary. 
Excitement has your “all meanings of a word” displayed here. Maybe you have tapped into that bit of a spark of the will that GW talks about occasionally the part that is not asleep – who knows. PR in the context of martial arts codes it thus “ The consciousness commands & the body obeys. That frozen moment on the end of your fork – the naked lunch – you may call excitement. 
nathan 2016-03-22 10:43:18 [item 20629#50002]
Not really. I call excitement the feeling that sparkles. The one that allows you to know that this thing you are thinking about is the thing you really want to do over any other. We may choose what to do by logic, or expectation, or acceptance, or tradition … but always, there is a response in the being (body – mind system) which is different in an attractive way when one particular thing is thought about. That response is excitement. What people usually refer to as excitement is the same feeling, but often amplified many times and associated to dramatic and/or highly desired things. Same emotion though.
Mark 2016-03-22 10:56:57 [item 20629#50006]
Yep, that is pretty much what the AC rituals are all about except your “magic link” leaves out anything rational except a thin link to an alternate universe & the rituals of the vortex, high-flying disc, etc.
nathan 2016-03-22 11:12:18 [item 20629#50009]
Rituals are your own to choose what works for you, or make up and try things until you find one that does. Alternate universe is a whole different subject and although LOA can be used to explain the mechanics of it … it is not strictly an LOA thing unless you make it so. Vortex and high flying disk are just anchors for getting to a state … exactly the same as anchors are used in NLP.

None of these things are about excitement, or what part it plays.
Must be in one of those other universes, eh? laughing

Mark de LA says
Your ‘Tube doesn’t say much about excitement at all or defining what nathan means by it. Perhaps Esther wanted her husband Jerry Hicks to die & that was her excitement, eh? 
→   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esther_Hicks 
Most of Abraham is aimed at making someone believe that they are going to receive what they want. With AC you do that with rituals, symbols, readings etc. With TR you go to seminars with a lot of hoopla like walking across hot coals or going into a trance in front of the audience (same with Bandler). Whatever gets you there. 17sec/68sec or however long you have to generate the qualia that tells you you will receive what you want – usually without time constraints or other earthly details.  Pontificators tend to be non-specific on exact timing – “I will win the next lottery grand prize 112 Million$ in 
  • 0 DAYS, 05 HOURS, & 23 MINUTES
Probably too specific xor not within the scope of Abraham, Bashir or ???

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