How can I sell this on the street?

Don’t know what others think this all is, but here are some of the things it is when it actually gets explained to people on the street who ask what it is.
  1. It’s like Facebook but with bigger and richer posts.
  2. It’s like Google Docs but much easier to share your stuff to others and looks more like a blog.
  3. It’s like a blog mixed with Facebook.
  4. It’s like your own notepad and organizer that you can share with others online.
  5. It’s a place you can brainstorm and have meetings and workshops and be creative with others at.
  6. It’s a good place to hook up with people to argue with.




Si says
Seth 2016-03-23 09:09:06 [item 20645#50145]
also see the discussion re software developers using thinking domains as a platform to deliver their tools
Good niche market probably.
But not something I can sell on the street.

Mark de LA says
Mark 2016-03-23 08:27:40 [item 20645#50131]
My personal digital memory that I can (or not) share with anyone & anyone can likewise share theirs with me. “this place” expands in capabilities & abilities & becomes more agile as those who use it express their clear thoughts about it. 
nathan 2016-03-23 09:05:11 [item 20645#50141]
I can’t put that on a business card though.
see my old business card somewhere in fbi

Si says
Seth 2016-03-23 09:47:33 [item 20645#50168]
i got a wallaby the other night of one way i can “sell thinking domains on the street”.   just one way of many.   me i take my laptop into places like liberty cafe and luthers table and setup a forum just for that particular  coffee shop …. maybe even make it the landing page of their Wifi logon.   Hmmm … and maybe collect a check in the process.  
Mark 2016-03-23 09:48:59 [item 20645#50169]

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