Fun meme to spread. My response is somewhat different in meaning while acknowledging some points of view.
With only a few million radical violent Muslims existing,  why would the billion who are peaceful & follow Islam as a religion of peace not control the narrative & behavior, convert & peacefulize the radicals so that everyone (including the billion left) can live in peace?


A billion peacefuls need to be heard loudly NOW! 


Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-03-26 11:53:56 [item 20688#50350]
… because they are peaceful.  
Chamelion 2016-03-26 12:08:45 [item 20688#50355]
May the great ostrich of peace fly low & spread itself abroad to everyone & drop a few loads for peace on y’all . roseheart 

Si says
Awesome! Already has.    

Mark de LA says
pondering – the casualty list of the religion of peace: (last 30 days)


Mark de LA says
Camo-lion 2016-03-28 10:29:04 [item 20688#50446]
It is arrogant people who think they have the only answer that start & conduct wars & the ultimate atrocities & terrorism of the right-wrong game. Such people tend to think & speak as if they are above the golden rule & like to call names.  BUT….
not on my posts. thumbs down
nathan 2016-03-28 10:37:56 [item 20688#50449]
Arrogance = RWG.

Sorry dude, it’s guys like you that create all this terror shit with your errant focus.
What we (and I) do is dispel the shit you create with your focus.  
You don’t see LOA people out focusing peoples thoughts on terror … only armchair pontificates. Take a look around … and wake up.
Sorry dudette, if you really are a LOA person,  you focus on your religion, spreading it & making others who don’t agree with you wrong, while hiding your head in the sand to pretend your world is perfect because all you look at is YOU!