My definition of Qualia

Seth 2016-04-01 09:55:49 [item 20619#50685]


qualia:   “what i feel about something”

a definition by Bozo Faust

wherein the (perhaps dreaded → ) duality caused by  the “about” relationship between being and tag metaworld, doth rear its ugly head ← laugh


Mark de LA says
MEiAm 2016-04-01 10:33:34 [item 20725#50689]
focus dispersion choronzon laughing
Seth 2016-04-01 12:06:12 [item 20725#50694]
Well groking that one’s own ego is arbritrary and subjectively drawn, and not of necessity, is certainly a Satorie !  The best description of that i’ve heard was Alan Wattt’s,  “About: the real you - alan watts - youtube” … which i can almost do myself.  But why?  Each individual having a unique point of view is quite useful for the network.  Then too i watc(h) the effect on me of these so called “initiates” who promote their universes in which they are not just a part.  ← too bad i end up the looser laugh 
Yep the windmill jousting tires me. Whose ego is on top? →  wink ←