Evidence & a Spectrum of Reality

Evidence – http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=evident&allowed_in_frame=0 
Belief – Question Map of beliefs  from TR NAC cert
Faith – Belief without Evidence
Superstition – see Wikipedia – 
OCD – see Wikipedia – ritualization of causality & self prevention 
Religions – ontologies based on the ethos of people & claims of supernatural happenings rewarding adherents with stuff & relief from the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune (death, poverty, sickness ...)
New Age –  Magick & Occultism – Rudolph Steiner & CFR & Aleister Crowley

Tony Robbins – Personal power & success coaching
Werner Erhard – & Landmark Education – practical ontology through language
Peter Ralston – both martial arts & ontology courses 

Science Fiction & Occult fiction 
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Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-04-04 09:14:09 [item 20743#50780]
One can focus on evidence, or one can focus on experience. Either focus creates – manifests. Your beliefs are the structure, the lattice work, you manifest within. Your beliefs define the limits of your experience. Faith allows you to reach outside the limits of your beliefs. Superstition is wanting to believe something, but being limited in your capacity to do so. Most of the rest is clutter and noise around these core reality concepts.
That which does not manifest is pure mind fodder – enjoyable (or not) like maybe an acid trip or stoner delusions or selfie/astral shimmering chimaera:

Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-04-04 10:33:15 [item 20743#50790]
Not all seeds grow. Some are never planted. Some are not given the conditions they need, water, soil, sunshine, etc, to grow. Some are formed in incompatible conditions are are not healthy enough to grow. But all are seeds, complete and ready representations, weather they actually grow or not.

Every thought is a seed taking shape. Every complete holding of an image in the mind for more than 68 seconds is a complete seed of manifestation ready to grow. Given the right conditions (beliefs and energy) every thought will grow and manifest.

You can come to know this process of thoughts manifesting as easily as you can come to be a gardener of plants if you reach for it … enter into the experience.
Nice metaphor!yes The 68 second thingy is not how Seth’s plumb tree worked. Analogy only works if 2 things are actually related, evidence!  Depends a lot on where one’s focus is – what one notices & what one ignores as to how one builds one’s beliefs, associations etc. 

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