"Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s."

- Anais Nin


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Si says
Seth 2016-04-07 17:57:35 [item 20765#50973]
other peopl’s worlds are hard, but they are fun.  we are a people who grow against the sun … we swim up stream … that is what makes us strong.
nathan 2016-04-07 18:07:30 [item 20765#50974]
Yep. I was mainly interested in his innate knowing that he created his world.
Seth 2016-04-07 18:11:43 [item 20765#50975]
okay.  saying “he created his world”, is not just a little bit ambiguous … as we have already discussed at length.  i think people usually get the wrong impression about what that actually means.
That’s why this quote is so nice because it is clear in it where he was thinking.

Si says

Mark de LA says
The challenge here is that some believe it totally literally, whereas it is only partially true.  – M.R.

Si says
Other than the tongue in cheek about dieing, it is true. We do create our whole world. We may borrow concepts from others worlds to create ours, but it is all still our whole creation, every last atom, is spinning in the energy field of our own being, no one else’s.

Seth says

Come on now, you created the natural world … the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the animals, the plants, your mother’s body  …


Mark de LA says

Si says
Yes, clearly. What’s so hard to realize about that? I didn’t invent it, but I created the material version I experience. The one that provides my sensory information.

Si says
In any moment, take stock of what you are aware of. Everything you “sense”. Not much there that you are actually “aware of” right? You may be imagining and assuming lots, but you are not actually sensing what you imagine to be there. I’m talking about what you are actually sensing.

Now, realize that all that is required is that those impressions be feeding your senses. Nothing actually has to exist … all that is needed for your experience to be as you are experiencing it is that your senses are receiving that little bit of information you are aware of in that moment. The rest, is all in your imagination, and maintained by your assumption that there is more.

This is the actual state of what is there. I’m not talking ontology here. I am talking about what you actually are aware of … not what you are assuming about anything beyond that, which is huge in your imagination. If it is not coming in your senses right then, it has to be imagination. Right? If you think otherwise, then explain that.  

Mark de LA says
I want to meet the guy that invented #cunts ! thumbs upnull

Mark de LA says
he’s into dualism null

Si says
Perhaps, in part anyway. Nearly every ontology contains some aspects of dualism, even #RS’s ontology. Do I believe all and only that reality is based on dualism? No.

Si says
The literal vagina, or women who are bitches?

Mark de LA says
the former

Si says

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