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The wizard in Bernie!

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Seth says
pondering hmmm …. just when i had decided to be standoffish re politics this cycle …. natalie brings this up …

“Will you do the world and your life and future a favor, and clear your heart?  Will you dare to use your human energy to dream us forward as a culture, as a universal tribe? And for the love of hotpants everywhere, will you find your gratitude for what’s going well, what’s possible and what’s beautiful because we are heading towards the conversations we’re willing to fully have.

rolling stone bernie

Shall we collectively celebrate the fact that this beautiful clear beans human has got so far? We’re moving, as a people, our larger tribe is moving towards more truth, more love and more deep and resplendent recognition of our essential humanity.  How do you personally show up?  For me I have a monthly donation and actively dreaming about an America I’m in love with.  Also I kind of write Bernie love notes.  A lot.  Thank you soul darlings.


Let’s magic the shit out of this”

Love, Natalie