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Mark de LA says
“Let the network do it’s thing!laughing” – find out more on Burnie.

Mark de LA says
An interesting comparison Ron Paul vs Bernie Sanders: 


Si says
MR 2016-04-10 10:25:18 [item 20778#51045]
Simply not possible. That’s the good thing about Bernie … all these supposed things people are afraid he would do cannot be done.  

Mark de LA says
That’s what a socialist-communist does – wake up! thumbs down – note N has finally found something impossible!laughing

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-11 08:29:42 [item 20778#51068]
i think we need to look to the balance of forces here …. and not get obsessed with one or the other.  America grows through these cycles … we can watch- them come and go as weather even with the cycles of our own lives.   The grand “NO!” restraint of the Republican Party … the expansive egotism of the industrial Trump … the collective of what we are together ← all swirl into the happening and drama as our History unravels behind us.  Me, I … er, who cares about me … that is my own affair … only I know how it is truly represented in the ocean that all of us are cast upon ← sorry, you guys are not invited laugh
Sorry this comment belongs in group pellick – did you say something? 
← laughing

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-11 08:48:51 [item 20778#51070]
well obviously i think i said a lot … lots of edges there … the nexus of lots of contexts.   that you do not see the edges of which i spoke … er, well …. that sounds like a personal situation not related to roses or strawberries laugh
A pile (munge) of words thrown into a post does not “something” make. Why not say something directly. Study Hemingway or Heinlein instead of Joyce, Burroughs & Watts.

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-11 09:07:16 [item 20778#51072]
Try the first sentence … “i think we need to look to the balance of forces here …. and not get obsessed with one or the other” … the rest of the paragraph is just example and elaboration of that.   Mark, are you not just getting “obsessed” with fighting for one side in this ocean? 
wtf does that mean? What forces? What balance? I have no side. I really like nobody.  Totally abstract. I don’t watch the debates. I switch channels. I can research BS & find out his history.  He would be the coup de grace on the US & it’s economy.  N is deluded. The heat of his meat melted his mind. ← metaphor. laughing

Mark de LA says
The trance is complete – the best NLP hypnosis in song:


Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-11 09:34:27 [item 20778#51075]
well i don’t follow your back and forth with nathan … that is not my business.  

i am just relating to your ever and always repeating of memes against democrats and socialists with basically your Heinline obsession … and not seeing that there is a balance of these political forces in this country …. and probably all over the world.  what are you doing yourself in that ocean ?  You always talk as if i am struggling against your side in that ocean … but that presumption is false.  Sometimes i do … in this cycle i do not.  
You have the obsession that any polarity is equal on both sides. That is false. Brush it under the carpet? Your choice. I take the stand & feel more the “I am America” identity more than “I am Mother Russia” or my Ego is big enough to say what is right for the entire Earth or the entire Universe or …. beyond. smug
BTW, I had no beef until B.S.’s face began appearing on this blog with gushing advocacy. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-11 10:00:03 [item 20778#51077]
well a polarity, equal on both sides, does not move.  ← obviously not the case in this context, the country will swing one way or the other, just like it did in 2008.  So we agree thumbs up, that is false smuglaughing

Me, i am not a nationalist … I don’t really stand there … my ego there does try to expand to the all of humanity … but i am a voyer on these large scale movements … i do not stroke for one or the other. 

It is interesting to note, however,  that the two popular movements … Sander’s and Trump’s … will make for an interesting election … lots of drama.  Let’s face it, Hillary is hum drum, sorry girl but you are.
MR 2016-04-11 10:13:16 [item 20778#51078]
Polarity no matter what the subject is extremely unlikely to be balanced & has nothing to do with voting except when the context is elections. ← my point.  Move the context to religion, science, psychology (bi-polarity, multiple-polarity) , etc & the statement still stands. I must have missed the gene of indifference to/or connection to the national archangel of our nation. My bad.  I think the Ego polarity in that case should be examined. It is vogue. I think Obama helped destroy US nationalism. 
Seth 2016-04-11 10:36:04 [item 20778#51079]
yeah Obama probably did … good for him.  this anti nationalism jean on my part … or the jingoism one on yours … is just our personal choices … me thinks, neither good or bad … me i don’t stroke for the red white and blue, notwistanding it is the greatest country of my time … you jack for whatever you will. 

To think that large forces do not swing side to side, me thinks is to be oblivious to what is happening.  You seem to hold polarities as some abstraction … academic, almost just mathematical …  with no import for what actually happens ← not the case with the polarities that i experience. 
Polarity is polarity – maybe get a grip on the meaning of the word polarity would help you out.  What happens from the polarity is whatever.  The pendulum can swing in many ways even having multiple pendulums. Stroking one’s weenie for whatever only gets the floor wet. ← not my thingy.

Seth says
laughing … Kudos … good play ! … especially this.

Mark de LA says
pondering I wonder if Seth has ever been outside the Continental United States to see what it is like elsewhere?