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Out of my morning silence came a thought about politics & principles. Most people don’t like them as if they had them they would feel sheepish about the shit they say in public.  In a way principles are the context within which politics could evolve which enhance human lives, but …..
One context I am fond of is threefoldness , but …
I suffered the top down nature of corporate slavery, military, secret societies, cults & governments, famalies etc. Is there a way to have the great hoi polloi appreciate what it is & upend the pyramid? .. so that the top never loses contect with the bottom – note a pyramid scheme (ponzi) requires those at the top to profit & leave the rest to getting to the top for their rewards against the overwhelming sisyphis effect & mathematical impossibilities. See also this cartoon.
LEC(97) had a powerful process where in the daily experience of the members of the organization were sifted to a few per group & the groups sifted into stake-holders & so forth … eventually a 2000+ conference discovered the operating principles within which the organization could transform from a personality-centered to a principle centered one which satisfied all of the challenges of the top down personality one. More later.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.


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Mark de LA says
See also 15300 and 

In the mean while may you dwell in the somatic fraternity, psychic liberty & spiritual equality which achieves the Great Work!"

P.2470 #51,1 80-2-2-14-8-58-THU (A Valentine's Day 30.43 years ago or 30/5/5 ago) " ... Dai yot yao gih VUNG, Abundant, Sun of Fire, Tipareth of Geburah; Full Realisation of the Will; One should meditate on Progress; kon P.1884 & P.1691; both the QBL & the Cabalistic meaning of all the comment of both indicated peen & at the same time realise the difference of aspects between the physical & the superphysical spheres.  Plato, Pythagoras & especially the author of the Apocalypse & in later times such Adepts as Blavatsky, & Rudolph Steiner taught about the secrets of Number.  While there is some distortion & enigma in their writings extant, as well as in reports about such leaders as the Count St. Germain, Cagliostro, Francis Bacon, Wm. Shakespeare etc, some of which we intend to clear up, yet there are many clues which can be followed up by such earnest students as yourselves.  In the mean while may you dwell in the somatic fraternity, psychic liberty & spiritual equality which achieves the Great Work!"
salt quicksilver sulfur
thought feeling will
spirit soul body
form life consciousness
past present future
melody harmony rhythm
measure weight number
spiritual psychic somatic
equality liberty fraternity
up/down forward/back left/right

Mark de LA says
Numbers are attention flags to particular groupings of things.  According to RS the ancients had a sense of space : above & below me; in front & in back of me; to my lefthand & to my righthand .  Similar to the cube notions. Our modern view more cartesian- mathematical.

Mark de LA says
My thoughts this AM are PRINCIPLES are also beings. Be clear on which ones you invite into your inner circle & keep in outer ones.

Mark de LA says
Two other things : Even Do What Thou Wilt is a principle – (most people forget the second part) – helps single thine eye where confusion reigns.

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