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Who wants to turn all lawns back into farms again doesn’t realize that it is not sustainable except for a few snacks. It doesn’t scale up. Not everyone wants to grow their own food or live off the variety which grows locally. The idea lives in scarcity.  Run the numbers some day & see if all the transportation costs etc. add up to the efficiency of the super markets of today. Simply put this is not my axe to grind nor my windmill to joust nor my crusade to fight.


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Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-17 13:23:13 [item 20813#51284]
strange how none of those sentences are true.  Start off with the first one.  For one thing, surely not all lawns are “to be converted into farms”.  Putting such a quantifier into the thought is an absurdity.   Then the idea that all one would get is “a few snacks” does not match the facts. 

The too the idea has nothing to do with scarcity.   I hesitate to even guess how that is connected here.

Then the presumption that some sort of efficiency is even involved here is another confusion.   I suggest a bit of research there too … maybe start with a google search

But my thought is simple and just about the ecology of land use,  human effort, and a more natural relationship to the food we eat.  Those people i know who have taken this new attitude towards their land and their food and their labors, have discovered the advantages over using their lawn as a mere facade. 

Then too, whether this is your “crtusade” is not even about the thought itself.  Rather that is all just about you. It is an interesting thing to throw in the kontext of the thought only for you … nobody else give a shit about what you choose to think, feel, or do.  Their concern should only be about their front yard, mowing it, paying for it,  and using it to decorate their property, or doing something more useful with their resource. 

This is a thought whose time has come … think it or not … do it or not … but please don’t think it with lies and confusion in the manner of a common corrupt politician. 
This is a thought whose time is past. I sympathize with some of it. I want to get good food from the supermarket grown & raised GMO & chemical free biodynamically.  I would not advocate everyone try to grow their own. Maybe it would work for you in your wet climate & space. Keeps you occupied anyway. Your anti-lawn thingy is just that – your thingy. I prefer the farmers’ markets locally here although I don’t really know them well. I liked the way we grew up with the vegetable man driving by regularly to distribute cheaper & healthier vegetables. That, though, is a thought whose time has passed due to government regulations & politics of taxation. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-17 13:54:27 [item 20813#51288]
good for you.   obviously this is not for everyone.   ← your presumption that my thought contained such a quantifier is an error, for it contains no such “all lawns must be convertyed” type of requirement.  Try thinking it without that kind of presumption to get closer to the sprit of the thought. 

strangely enough in my particular predicament at the moment it is not even for me.   i do not have the physical energy or even the prerequisite knowledge or habits to convert my front yard.  ← my excuse.  I can barely keep up with the demands of working my back yard.  

To work my front in a practical manner i would need to learn how to share my resource with other families or people who do have that knowledge and physical energy (labor).  That is the thing about these old cultural habits … they pander to low sinks in human spirit, which in this case is laziness,  ignorance, and privacy.  People who glorify those sinks are the people who are perpetuating the habit. 
.. & those who go around judging such have their own kind of habits. laughing

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-17 15:34:59 [item 20813#51292]
liked the way we grew up with the vegetable man driving by regularly to distribute cheaper & healthier vegetables. That, though, is a thought whose time has passed due to government regulations & politics of taxation. 

i liked the traveling vegi man too … i have even done a bit of that here in Renton.   i do not think that government regulation should be allowed to get in the way of people making their own food and distributing it.  Where that has happened, it is time to push back.  ← or we just accept like the sheep we are grin, eh?
Maybe vote for different regulators next time. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-17 15:08:12 [item 20813#51291]
← it might be interesting for you to imagine a world where people could not, or would not, think of these kind of changes …  where the shunning of those thoughts was so strong that nothing ever changed.   what if the world actually  had more of that restraint?  

← er, so why are you pulling that end of the rope?  ← is it maybe just because Bozo is pulling the opposite direction? …  or maybe something else is motivating your reluctance to see the idea as just a thought about what to do with our front lawns.   maybe your motivation is something more about you … something not even about lawns, or about me.   or maybe it is simpler than even that … maybe you are just getting senile and can no longer read a thought and grok what it is actually about … maybe all such thoughts get munged together and end up just being a challenge to your identity. 

← me, i don’t know … those meta questions are for you, not for me … ← although it is somewhat fun to speculate … and i would even be interesting in you honestly telling me.   But seriously those meta thoughts are irrelevant to me  (except the one i commented on below).  the only strange thing i recognize is that these meta thoughts  have gotten inserted into a kontext of thoughts about our front lawns.  ← hmmm …. i wonder why pondering

← So as you see, we can, and do go meta … and where that is distasteful we experience distaste.  ← I’m betting that i am even better at it than are you … for i I have always been hyper self aware.  I am even aware of my awarenessess … etc etc … and listen carefully to those that you adequately express.  ← Is there value in doing it? … nope ! … cut it off at the first reflection ← me, i always say laughing
Ramble on brofo – hope you get it out of your system. smug

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