Chocolates on Chocolates

Queen Bee … 2200 E. Madison Street, Seattle WA 98112.

Their house baked “crumpet”  sandwiches are to die for. 


Excellant WiFi – very fast – no password.  Comcast always pops up and needs the Comcast pasword which i don’t have and if you get the free trial almost no data is conveyed.  They are trying to grab this open space on the street wifi – but they suck at it, imho. 

Every coffee shop and even every organization needs it’s own forum … shown directly as you jump onto their WiFi.  A easy way to join the conversation associated with a street location. 

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Seth says

← the Liberty Cafe instance

Seth says
Liberty Cafe take 2 …

maybe lining up the cups is going to be important

Seth says

Central CoOp Seattle

← the iterations fade rapidly into oblivion

can more than 3 cups be shown ?

Seth says

woopse, i got your kid in the picture

Seth says
hmmm … i wonder if central coop has a forum? … if not, why not?  would a be perfect for them ?

things go better with coke …. just jooking laugh

Seth says
shpping list since im here:  almond butter, avacados, eggs, tomatoes ...

Seth says
to answer my question … apparently not … snuck no forum, no forum

Seth says

Top Pot donuts waiting for the CoOp meeting.

note actually 4 iterations show in the picture … more iterations, more iterations, more.

Seth says

obviously if i set the cup on the keyboard i can get more in the picture. 

Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-05-14 21:34:49 [item 20845#52046]

← at Traditions Café and World Folk Art, Olympia, Washington

a increadibly green and friendly and community conscious unusual palce in  … a necessay Olympia experience indeed.  we had the lasagna with the tahini dressing with our hot chocolate. 

Seth says

← the Liberty Cafe again

their facebook page


Seth says

well who is to say that it must be hot chocolate? … and just who wrote the law that it must be a coffee shop?

so here i am at Whole Foods in downtown Seattle … congested area, got to pay for parking, guck … with a glass of Oyster Bay wine

wine works in this instance just fine smug

surprise Omg i get high at Whole foods … i’m sorry i just can’t help myself …. doesnt work at Fred Meyer … oh well, we don’t have a Whole Foods in Renton.

Seth says

of course i can get hot chocolate here too ...

Seth says

wine on chocolate on wine on chocolate on ancient history.

as an aside for Mark  … is my usage of the preposition “on” here associated to space or geometry ?

Seth says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-21 16:44:22 [item 20845#52245]
both – consult a good grammar text or maybe use Stanford’s part of speech tagger if confused.  That other discussion is a wallaby outside of words as grammar
well i fixed the gramatic error that you capatilized upon.  ←  woopie shit

outside of that i do not understand your compaint at all.   anything about a preposition is about grammar and syntax.   The meaning of a prepositions is some subject/object relationship of the things talked about in the phrase.  that relationship is sometimes spatial, and hence related to geometry, and other times it has nothing to do with space and geometry.  yet your wallaby always talks about prepositions as implying some spacial relationship.  i am just trying to clarifying that … perhaps your wallaby would  better be expressed out in the world here by removing that confusion.   or perhaps not … let it remain deep inside your subjective being … for there it will always be quite clear and true … just exactly according to “Bozos Discovery”.

Seth says
i have never been a bar person.   but i must admit that this bar at whole foods has the potential to provide a venue … ok ok i got two wines in me now … an can look out on the city crossroads … a Clean Well Lighted Place … interesting people gathered here … good wifi … articulate bar tenden … the potential for connections … who could ask for anything more.

Mark de LA says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-21 18:18:02 [item 20845#52251]
Woopie shit back unto you.  Don’t know what you are talking about – enjoy your bar. Nothing to do with me.
Seth 2016-05-23 07:04:54 [item 20845#52279]
considering that you miss just about 99% of my shit,  how loving is it that you react to what you do sense of it so negatively ?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-23 07:14:07 [item 20845#52281]
I have exactly same feeling writing things that you read of mine.  Maybe enjoy & savor the feelings & qualia of it all & maybe it will make a change in you & perhaps both of us. Yours always shows up as contrary argumentation ad infinitum. smug
Maybe use Peter Ralston’s podcast on fear & transform the subject to whatever you dislike about my shit.
Seth 2016-05-23 07:27:56 [item 20845#52283]
well if tit for tat … as you exemplify above … is in fact automatic, then i guess we have each other checkmated.  so then nothing can ever change about that just because it is automatic and necessary … eh?

in this case i really was interested in the wallaby you brought up about prepositions.  i thought i did understand it, yet when i inquired to confirm (might have felt like a provocation to you), you took it as negative and argumentative.  … but was it really that?  i’m telling you it did not feel that way to me … rather it felt like curiosity. 

i want to get to PR podcast about fear … even though it is not in my current train of thought … now i guess you must necessarily tit for tat me on that … eh?
Still on the other side of the fence arguing …. that’s when I stop my end of discussions ….  The PR thingy is useful to get past a feeling you don’t like.

Seth says

well here i am at Luther’s Table again

7 cycles and counting

Seth says

here we are at Starbucks next to barnes and nobel in southcenter. 

you need to ask, as is frequently the case, for a ceramic cup. 

8 cycles showing smug

a well practiced  experience so far … allbiet modern … from both points of veiw: mine and starbucks. 

Seth says

Queen Bee … 2200 E. Madison Street, Seattle WA 98112.

Their house baked “crumpet”  sandwiches are to die for. 


Seth says

hot chocolate in front of afro at PCC market in Issaquah next to one of the best farmer’s markets in Washington.  i got smoky white cheddar, and cherry pastries, and the sweetest strawberries in town and some mushrooms and turnips for the stone soup

Seth says

Oh kewl cool i got a Manderbolt set in the Honor cafe in Bellview …  a posh experience indeed !

Si says
Seth 2016-06-27 09:33:42 [item 20845#53544]
Starbucks Southcenter.  You need to ask for a ceramic cup and decline the whipped cream … even the art work was optional, she joyfully attempted a leaf.

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