Here's the thing. You cannot take something that hurts and remove it from existence. That's what many people think healing is. You cannot take something that exists and make it non-existent. It's impossible. So healing does not exist. You can't heal something that is. Something that is, is what it is and it will always be present in the parallel frequency reality. Why? Because it offers many different consciousnesses, many different experiences, that they use to experience by there vibrational match. You cannot take your trauma and heal it. It's meant to be a traumatic experience. That's what it's there for, to offer people traumatic experiences. If you wish to heal yourself, you need to understand that you are a different vibrational reality now. And when you know that, that just seems like a distant reality that you can't really connect to anymore. It just feels like an image on a screen, but you can't feel it and be it, because your vibration is so far moved on into a different higher vibrational reality that you now feel completely healed without ever staying with that trauma. You spiritually bypassed your way into healing. YAY! Finally!



Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-04-27 21:08:37 [item 20862#51619]
nathan 2016-04-26 16:24:46 [item 20848#51537]
There is nothing scientific about beliefs. They are highly personal, like fingerprints. Thus why things like the LOA have not been able to be studied scientifically even though they have been around for ages, all the ages. If you want to be able to do these things, then do them. Start and then achieve. Thinking about these ideas or trying to prove them with an external methods such as science will give different results for every different person who does such … exactly as the science so far has proceeded. However, each person who actually does these things will achieve the same result … i.e. their reality will become tuneable by their thoughts. Each person will recognize this in their own individual way and be sure about the happening, even though comparison of results with others will seem to be just another story. That is how it would work if each person was creating their own reality … which of course, they are … hence the consistent results.

is this what you refer to as your “explanation of objective reality” ?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-28 00:30:14 [item 20862#51621]
At least GW & RS have given examples – do this & such & such will happen. N has given no audit trail of one thing leading to a result; step by step. Anecdotal evidence is mostly superstition. Even AC, however imperfect or not sought the method of science & the aim of religion
nathan 2016-04-28 03:11:04 [item 20862#51622]
Mark, I have been giving you exact things to do for over 5 years now. So many I am blue in the face (or fingers). You don’t do any of them, or if so, you do them half hearted without full commitment so they don’t work well. There is also over 10,000 youtubes on exactly what to do by Abrham, Bentinho, Bashar and others. There is more material on what to do right now on this one subject than all of Steiner and GW’s works combined. And it is all the same thing, over and over again. There is only one simple formula, given from thousands of different points of view to match any point anyone could be starting from. If you don’t know what to do, then you are not wanting to and I have no desire to keep repeating it for you.

No Seth. The one where I talked about objective reality was full of the word objective, that one does not contain the word.
Seth 2016-04-28 07:23:52 [item 20862#51626]
well i searched for it and did not find it.   if i was supersticious i would imagine that my vibrations did not attract it … but is that really what happened to the clarity of the words you said about objective reality?
Nope! N. You just keep running your belief-set (B.S.) . Start out by saying something like :
  • this is my objective ….. specifically… what I wanted (To win the lottery in order to ….) 
  • I ran these thoughts through mmy mind every day until such & such happened
  • I ran these feelings through my mind …. etc
  • I adjusted this or that one until I got on my high flying disk which lasted …. long
  • Maybe reveal your collection of LOA tools – focus wheel details etc
Basically people have extraordinary & happy lives without any of this stuff

Seth says
Seth 2016-04-27 19:26:39 [item 20862#51616]
well i get a cut and i watch- it heal … it’s amazing surprise !!!  … a foundation of my Faith.  the cut is not always there unless change does not happen … but change does happen … I experience it in almost every moment.  

Now i certainly realize that the model of what is happening that Bentinho, you, and others are promoting sacrifices real change for some other value.  Certainly that gestalt can be subjectively obtained.  You claim you have it, and i believe you.   The way Benitinho talks is very  convincing … yet it is all just his description of subjective experience.  First one must assume that objective reality does not exist,  then the Gestalt follows from there.  It is a relatively easy piece done, me thinks, ages ago with quite a number of variations. 

Sorry, not buying it for myself which i have expressed all over this domain.   I heart healing … i heart change … i heart the otherness of an objective reality not already happened … and i heart that what i do spirals out to affect that … and i heart what we can make of humanity … not what it already and for ever was with only the glory of a timeless spirit to on it crawl.
nathan 2016-04-27 19:38:24 [item 20862#51617]
Everything you put hearts by exists, is real, is a full experience. Objective reality exists. I explained objective reality yesterday. I really don’t understand why you twist things up like this. You create your reality. It is exactly what you are experiencing, in full, no changes, it’s all yours to do with as you will. Why do you try and water it down by saying you don’t get healing, change, otherness, objectivity? It’s all there, for real, you are experiencing it … you can’t make it go away.

Bentinho is saying that healing is a process of shifting your vibration away from the manifestation of trauma. Not taking away the trauma, not healing the trauma, but simply moving your conscious attention and the mirror of manifestation represents that to you. It’s a real experience. That IS what you experience when you experience healing. It is not some subjective thing. It’s real. You experience it. And you enjoy all these experiences. So what is the problem?
Seth 2016-04-27 20:50:22 [item 20862#51618]
well then i cannot follow you philosophy … the menacing of  you words are not consistent to me … they seem to change to conform to some desired transaction with me.   with one saying you eliminate time and change … then in another you deny that … you claim to be 100% in control of your experience yet rationalize that does not deny others effect upon your experience … or make it so remote as to be be irrelevant.  sorry i cannot follow what you really mean … what i am getting from your words does not nit itself together in my mind, rather it seems to keeps changing foucs for its own sake. 
nathan 2016-04-28 03:32:14 [item 20862#51624]
Okay, whatever. It is very simple if you let it be. But your not going to be able to fit a square peg in a round hole and your not willing to set down the square peg you have been holding onto so long, for most of your life.

I worked out some of my own issues in understanding by talking with you and explaining things to you. I better understand how things work because of that. Right now I am really enjoying what I can do with my reality knowing what I know. It is a much more interesting and fun way to live. I don’t think you can or want to make these shifts in this lifetime. You are comfortable with the ideas you have, and can get them to work for you after a fashion, and have a collection of people around you who think similar. You have built your reality and want to live it as you built it. I like knowing I build my reality and I like playing with it and changing it and getting my hands into the clay and paints that make it. You don’t want to do that. You would rather that be done outside your consciousness so that you can appear to experience things as if someone else or something else is creating everything. Really, that is the only issue on the table and that’s fine. It is always your choice.
Seth 2016-04-28 07:28:49 [item 20862#51627]
The things you say about me are only your subjective judgements.   The sentences you write with yourself as the subject are far more useful to me. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-28 08:49:40 [item 20862#51637]
Basically what I hear is the passion of a true believer who thinks or holds that he has found the “secret of the universe” & spreads it as often as he can; perhaps not realizing that there may be more than just his one version. cool
Seth 2016-04-28 09:19:53 [item 20862#51639]
i think what nathan and his group believes is just fine and i trust is working well for them.   However, the presumption that everybody should function on those same beliefs is false.  The utility of those beliefs are subjective to them … others may not be able to share them. 
nathan 2016-05-19 08:37:30 [item 20862#52153]
Hummm. Well I never said in any way shape or form that others should share my beliefs. I say that each person writes their own beliefs and their own story. Many people are out there looking for a better story to be living than the default one they got from their parents and peers as they grew up here. I send out lots of good info so those looking for examples of something else can see a real one in action, working, and alive.

There is no right or wrong anything of any kind. Your story is your story and it is perfect and right for you so far. If you want a shift in your story, it’s entirely possible, to any degree you desire. That’s what I tell. If you like your story, please do keep writing it exactly the same as you have been.

Mark de LA says
Healing is just bringing the dynamic equilibrium back in balance for the body & or