Undoing an erronious reframe ...

It’s easy to unbundel one of your comments from a comment which reframes it in somebody else’s subjective aug.   Just find your original comment in the database by the thought that owned it, and  edit the delete field from 1 to 0 … that will restore your original comment. 

This should be a feature here, because of the way comments work now, and because people seem to refuse to respect others representations, choosing instead to distract from  them by defaming them in their own subjective aug.   if  you want the wizzard to do this for you manually, just request it.  The only requirement is that you are the author of the thought.  

newAnother thing that is relatively esay is to move a thread from one thought to another.  This should be a privilidge if you are the author of the comment, or the author of the thought, and have rights to comment on the destination thought.   wizzard will do this for you too, as time and energy permits … perhaps this even could be programmed.  


  1. reframes
  3. freature requests
  4. manual workarounds


Seth says
Seth 2016-04-29 15:52:34 [item 20869#51696]
please note, if people would follow the ediquite that has been proposed by wizzard, then “Undoing an erronious reframe ...” would almost never need to be done. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-29 16:50:09 [item 20869#51697]
Or if you got off your RWG … ponderinglaughing
Do you mean if i just didn’t care if something I felt was true, and might want to show to people represented as such, was cast under the context of sombod’s subjective mocking or disinterest?  Yep, that would work.  Then you wouldn’t need to respect my etiquette request, or i would’t need to reverse your spew.  But sorry, i do care.

Seth says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-29 15:06:56 [item 20869#51692]
What would be good also is concurrently keep the thought out of my news like facebook can do. smug i.e. no more notices on it & no more have to see it again unless I ask for it by a search.
Seth 2016-04-29 15:27:13 [item 20869#51693]
i think that would be much more difficult, and not easily done manually.   if you work out the SQL for it and make a proposal,  i will consider putting in that feature.  but  i will bet, if you do all that work yourself, you would conclude that ignoring those unwanted notifications privately would be far easier. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-29 15:28:45 [item 20869#51694]
Probably goes the same for your proposal of reversals.
Seth 2016-04-29 15:36:29 [item 20869#51695]
not at all … manualy it is quite easy.   the SQL to program it is a bit testy,  because the original comment does not show.  might just do it in stages.  one button would display all deleted comments, then another botton would restore the one and then hide back the others.  

a more important change to really imporve comments would be to find a way to show who made the last comment in a thread above that comment rather than above the whole thread.   that is the primary reason that the train of thoughs are sometimes hard to follow.   nathan said it was almost impossible to do easily. me, i don’t believe him. 
Seth 2016-04-29 19:19:31 [item 20869#51699]
the quoting logic appears to be in … /update/quote-comment.php
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-29 23:13:19 [item 20869#51700]
Nope! You just take yourself too fucking seriously & I don’t. You used to be able to laugh at yourself. I don’t know what happened.  Try mentographing 20870 – apparently your kind of stuff.  Philosophers who never touch the ground make stuff up like cosmologists who can’t be wrong because there is no higher authority.  The final frontier has been reached nobody can be wrong. thumbs up
Seth 2016-04-30 09:04:11 [item 20869#51708]
yeah well that is some funny stuff indeed grin.   

I was surprised that you found the extensional link surprise … and strangely delighted.  It is the real skivvey … it tells the way logical thought processes have evolved historically … it was pretty much left out of GW’s presentation … oh well.   i have no idea whether you acctully think it is gobblygook or understand it.  maybe it doesn’t matter.

incidentally, me, i make no apologies about being serious about applying what i learn in philosophy to my life and thinking.  i have stuck my finger into that shit just as far as i can stick it … and have watched you laugh aourd the it’s ass hole just about all of our my life … and yes it is some funny shit.  Maybe it doesn’t matter … maybe it is all just about the ego transactions between us instead … maybe that's what nathan thinks but of course he will deny it ← some funny stuff grin, eh?

So suppose thinking is all just the flim flam that you mock so continuously … and that in our society and politics and business and educations gets worse and worse?   When then dear bro?   Still a laughing matter?  ← me, i think not.   I would like to lend my weight to push things back in the opposite direction for a while.
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-30 09:19:11 [item 20869#51710]
Your judgmentalism gets worse as your Ego grows bigger or visa-versa. I have questioned before why someone so theoretically serious would choose a moniker like Bozo; keep your secret – I don’t want to know. I too, use all of my mentors, scientific, mathematical, occult, ontological etc. & test them out in & against the World & adjust or not. For some, criticism & correction makes them stronger.  Others just doubt their own deity. Enjoy the glow – dear bro.
Seth 2016-04-30 09:32:11 [item 20869#51714]
my “moniker" is “Bozo Faust”, not “Bozo”.  see if that clears it up for you.  secrets are great until somebody uses them against you … the kewl thing is, then you can just disclose them.  try getting the same advantage from a lie. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-30 09:36:05 [item 20869#51715]
Yep, Bozo has a last name laughing
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-30 09:39:09 [item 20869#51717]
 Strange I would have identified your source as the fool of the tarot – the highest card in the deck according to AC & sometimes tzu to the Joker – different clown of course.
Seth 2016-04-30 09:44:05 [item 20869#51720]
well you would be accurate in that  regard thumbs up … now can you find my last name in the deck?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-04-30 09:50:43 [item 20869#51722]
Russell, Faust, & even Bozo are not in the deck. Maybe the Lovers or Lust if I make a wild-assed-guess as to what you are pointing at. 
Seth 2016-04-30 09:56:35 [item 20869#51726]
ok i made it up smug.   one would need to have my perculair context after having read Geoethe’s Faust back when i was in P2 to grock it.   for your purposes you can just consider it the polar opposite of Bozo.
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-01 15:32:38 [item 20869#51758]
The Fool & Adjustment have a Faust & Gretchen kinda thingy.

Si says
Yep. Been there, done that, plan it.

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