Buddah Lied

to be elaborated …

← which is not the lie


The nirvana obtained by the Buddha is meaningless to me. 


Now #IDoNotKnow, maybe he said that somwhere,  but if he did not, then i claim that is his lie.
the thing is, things point to things thereby #representing them.   if you follow the pointers, somtimes you do arrive at something similar to that which you thought the arrow was pointing. 

but about anything there was only ever that one unique #thingey itself within its unique context … it was unrepresenteable. 

Buddah Lied”  → you can not have his #nirvana … there was only just that one and he got it null



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Seth says
This “insult” does hinge upon …

meaning is not absolute.


… which i presume mark was saying ironically … yet it still #RingTrue to me. 

Mark de LA says
Go back to where I created the quote or just munge on & let it all all disperse hwan – perhaps a meeting w/ #choronzon (link) where #Egoo also disperses along with YOU!
null ← maybe Buddha laughs & laughs & laughs .

Seth says
Well #choronzon may well have some bearing here.   I put Crowley’s quote on the term.

Seth says
but let me propose a thought here … and i do not vouch for its veracity …

the #AbsoluteTruth  firmly hold, may be but #choronzon bedazziling your #Egoo


… nevertheless i have thunk it.

Mark de LA says
I think you munged together two things which are separate . Choronzon may bedazzle & then pull the rug out from under your bedazzlement, but has nothing to to with truth or absolute truth. IMHO of course.

Seth says
ahhh … but examine his words … even literally …. me thinks they are clear enough … [emphasis mine] ...

The Abyss is empty of being; it is filled with all possible forms, each equally inane, each therefore evil in the only true sense of the word—that is, meaningless but malignant, in so far as it craves to become real.


so is he not talking about what to you might appear to the meaningless #association of #signum to #sign by some individual ?   I mean meaninglessness is meaninglessness.  if #choronzon is to stand for and take credit for that bedazzelment … well then let it do so consistently.

Mark de LA says
Think of it as the anti-Seth, anti-Bozo, anti-sum …...

Seth says
#humm  assuming that by “it” you mean #choronzon … i might find your thought quite false indeed … but would have to think about that … “#sethhmmm” … and over time i have.

I look at #choronzon (a lack of meaning)  as the grand  #HeatSink of the world … sorry for the physical metaphor, but it matches.  …. As such, yes,  it is against me as my courage acts upon the world creating meaning there where it did not already exist.  


Mark de LA says
Of course !  You would have to. null

Seth says
well #ac is saying the Abyss, personified by “Choronzon”,  is full of things with no meaning who “crave to become real” and shriek “I am I” … which is “evil in the only true sense  of the word”. 

Your interpretation is peculiar. 

I claim i have met this spirit myself at some intense moments of my life.  I behold the most miscule, inane, and meaningless items … like dust particles on my jail cell floor … or pebbels on the ground in Montana … and focus on their meaning,  forcing it.   The qualia is had to descirbe in words … and that is not quit it … but that was what was happening in me at those moments.

Seth says
your interpertation does not hold together syntactically.   you are not even taking a complete sentence.  

The sentence, taken as a whole, could roughfly be translated to  …

things with no meaning, craving to become real,  are evil in the only true sense of the word.

Seth says
sounds like you are starting to #MakeShirtUp about me.  I simply cannot get your interpertation from #ac’s words.  And no i do not “know quite well that #ac does not believe in basic evil” … seems more to me that he is its master … but to be honest i have not delved deep enought into Crowlyism to know for sure.

Mark de LA says
I’ll go you folks one bigger & declare good doesn’t exist either! null

Seth says
well, i think i will go somwhere else … i truly do not like to hang out in thoughts where people are up on their self righteous #HighHorsey  #MakeShitUp about me from their own,  to me, meaningless innane #smegma’s inside their souls.  ← a good example of the #evil personified by  #choronzon in fact null

Mark de LA says
Maybe there is no existence! Maybe even “that which is – IS!” is a lie. (Gods Must Be Crazy)

Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. (Liber Legis II,32 -Aiwaz)

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Like I said somewhere else in other words if we quit talking about each other maybe something interesting could evolve at fbi & the #RWG shrink down to nothing – perhaps like a stale fart reflecting in a hall of mirrors lost in a leaky wind tunnel. null

Mark de LA says
fun, if aimless, talk about Choronzon though ← good 
Hiding does not make Choronzon go away .
He does not exist! 

Seth says
hiding has nothing to do with making Chorizon go away … has to do with me not wanting to engage with nathan rubbing his shit on me … any more than i want to engage with mark, rubbing his shit on me.

i finally put what i meant by “Buddha’s lie” in the body of this thought.  I do think that it can be related to Chorizon … and i would love to discuss it objectively outside of this subjective horseshit that started happening here. 

Mark de LA says
New #Sethie sounds like #Highhorsey to me #HighHorse ← (#GoodThough)
)  null 
BTW, not believing something or beliving in something does not necessarily make it go away or destroy its existence; perhaps only making the one who declares “I don’t believe in …..” a little less believable. 

Seth says
This is my thought here folks … and the subject of it is not me … nor is it you … nor is it Buddha.  

Rather it is about Nirvana … in particular any one person’s experience of that.   My claim is that person’s experience of Nirvana is meaningless to me … and by extrapolation every person’s experience of Nirvana is irrelivant to anybody else. 

Anything that is not about that is #OT and subject to being case into oblivion in relation to my thought here.

Seth says
why?  … how is your #FU to me about #nirvana ?

Mark de LA says
Maybe now you understand my tirades against #graffiti .  One more thought ← though , ever think what Buddha might think about your own tirade were he a blogger here?  Maybe he would just say:

Seth Lied!
……. Buddha

Seth says
well this thought here is an example of sticking to a subject.   of focus.   so far all of your guys have been brings up shit that is outside of the nexus of this thought.

Seth says
which is the “True story” nathan ?

Mark de LA says

Denying Nirvana just means you have not yet arrived at/had that state of consciousness – doesn’t make it go away for those who do or did. nullnull

Seth says
well i do not deny Nirvana.   i just deny that your Nirvana or Buddah’s Nirvana has any meaning to me … or even to my Nirvana … and certainly nothing to do with the consciousness between us.

Seth says
the point is not whether i can see it or not.   the point is that it has nothing to do with us being conscious.

Seth says
i guess you realize how frequently that message is used by #shamen … and in the end how hollow and self serving it continues to ring.

Seth says
← quite.   that is your story.  mine is different.

Seth says
and sure, #KeepingItReal, #authentic,  i will tell you guys that i get 1 or 2 mini #gestalts on the best of days, which i could if i wanted call #MiniNirvana’s or #enlightenment’s if it served me to do so.  In me they do not sustain … that is just me.   I then continue chopping wood … mark knows what i mean.    But i do not value them as you folk seem to … to me they have nothing to do with our consciousness … they are meaningless to that …. they have nothing to do with what happens that we share … and that is who i am … that is who i choose to be … that is my #nexus .  

The #MiniNirvana’s are fun and all and i love nullto have them …  but they are just for me.   i just do not glorify and treat them like perls (the way #shamen seem to want me to) … because, guess why?  …. i know to you guys out there they are quite just #scatoma in the Abiss of #choronzon.   Unlike  Buddha, i will not lie to you about that.

Seth says
#LOL … and you of course seem to know that is not me … how? …. you will not tell me for your own self serving reasons.

Seth says
you are repeating your own #HighHorsey to me … beginning to soud like #RubberDuckerSuckerFucker

Mark de LA says
Talking about each other again. How boring. 

Seth says

Seth says
yeah folks … watcH out !! … we are in the hall of mirrors here. 

Seth says

Seth says
well, #Doah, it is something that i am #authentic’ly saying … of course it is “all one big #Sethie” .

that others say of the same subject, “Nirvana”,  different things is all just their “---ie” too null

Seth says

Seth says
well it is true that #RS might call it “the guardian of the Threshold” null

That nathan thinks out loud to me that “I am not ready” is his “----ie” and not mine null

Seth says
well you are right there indeed!   though you use peculair examples .   loving another person or #thingey would be more appropriate.   but #HellYes let’s go with your story.

In the reality that i have constructed, Nirvana’s do not fuck each other nullnull … either good sex or bad sex.   or maybe if they do, i would call it bad sex … the shadow of what you are trying to do to me right now …. er, #Egoo sex. 

and guess what … that is exactly what #ac and #GW did. 

Seth says
#hmmm … so suddenly it is just me talking to myself … #shucks i guess i imagined that you were actually saying something to me.  in your wierd wierd peculair world i guess you actully do believe that.

#Sigh … the #hallOfMirrors … i’m going to go get an illustration.

Seth says
#hmmm … i am confused now … who are you talking about again?

Seth says
well, mark, i don’t know about the “have to” part … that seems to be you implying something about me.   But i am curious … how do you do it differently … how do you deal with inane things in the world that have no meaning to you?

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