Mayday 2016 dinner

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Inspired by T’s lunch a few weeks ago I have been eating small salads with just a bit of protein for dinners these days.  A big heavy meal is not necessary & feels much better afterwards. The salad dressing is a combination of wasabe, mustard, ginger juice & maybe even fish-sauce + honey. A variation of T’s . The protein is seared Ahi Tuna & a slice of salami + some Gruyere cheese (small amounts) . OH! There’s a half-avocado in there too & some fresh pineapple. The rest is just spring greens mix from Costco. Prep time 5 minutes.
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Mark de LA says
Seth 2016-05-02 07:57:40 [item 20885#51778]
surprise beautiful thumbs up

and even, as far as i can see, toothless foodie compliant smug.   incidentally how are your artificial teeth functioning for you now?
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-02 08:00:09 [item 20885#51780]
OK – not good for chewing hard nuts, large pieces of meat or biting apples. 
Seth 2016-05-02 08:06:23 [item 20885#51782]
hmmm …. well that is the same for a toothless foodie … so then, apart from looks, what do your teeth change?   ← i am really curious.   for example, did you eat the lunch above with teeth or without them?  if with them, what did you miss ?  me i wolld have eaten that plate and tasted everything in my mouth … with my false teeth it would have been a struggle.   but yes i would have sliced the tuna very fine and/or made it more in a chunk. 
I used my teeth. 

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