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Found on FB via → this via → this etc.
Interesting – too much to quote.
Maybe c.f. John Stuart Mill on freedom of the individual versus the collective. Referenced is Anderson’s Feed which looks interesting. His link → (***)


Be self-conscious in thinking about why you are seeking out information. Are you genuinely curious about a topic and anxious to find out more? Or are you seeking to massage or reinforce your pre-existing views?



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Seth says

well this review provoked me to read the story

Seth says
Seth 2016-05-09 12:33:35 [item 20891#51910]
well that a media will select it’s Kontext according to its own adgenda, is not at all surprising … er, yes, even Facebook.   Obviously we should be aware of this and put our own adgendas on top.  

i’ve noticed of late tha the (sequential?) notices of what is being said on facebook that scroll  on the right of the screen appear to me to be more what i am looking for, than either the two variations of the feed. 
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-09 12:44:44 [item 20891#51911]
I’ve also noticed that stuff that is neither labeled advertizement nor suggested is beine embedded in the news stream. thumbs down I am losing interest in FB – just propaganda except (perhaps):(*)


I am the deamer and the dream. 
I am am an illusion, and the creater of the illusion. 
I am existence, non existence, and beyond existence. 
I am a hologram.
I am everything, and nothing
I am an animated cartoon.
I am ready to be committed.

Seth 2016-05-09 12:59:25 [item 20891#51912]
well, an excellant example … i noticed that poem which you liked and that you liked it even before i saw it here … why? … well just because i was following the right notification panel and saw your name there.

anyway my response to the poem is …

scrambeled eggs are great
but they do not make chickens

bozo faust

Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-09 13:11:52 [item 20891#51913]
How strange for a Bozo to expect or ponder or consider getting any chicken from scrambeled eggs. laughing
it went right along with him being a deamer and the dream, an illusion, and the creater of the illusion, existence, non existence, and beyond existence a hologram, everything and nothing, an animated cartoon and ready to be committed.

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