Neck & Neck Race (er, boycotts & girlcotts )

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Important shit for a governor to ponder while the bully justice department forces him to change the law


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Mark de LA says
The memes continue: Thin Privilege, Fat Discrimination eh? Maybe we need bigger stalls for those whose asses are too big for the toilet seats.

Mark de LA says
I like this cover presumably on topic with Trump & Hillary 
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Mark de LA says
I hold that human rights apply to & are equal amongst all those inhabitants of the Earth that self-identify as human & otherwise have the DNA of homo sapiens exclusively.  I hold that gender identification does not alter such equality - equally across the species.  If those who respect Darwin’s explanation of evolution respect it completely then gender confusion (LGBTA+) is a recessive trait biologically & may drop out of evolution, along with race, several millenia from now . I am speaking not of rights, but biology. The highest population of the gender confused is in Washington D.C.  It is little wonder that bathroom identity has self-interested confusion in it & politics & lawyers are confusing it even more. Obama at the top is thus pandering.
See this video for more:

smug Approx 0.3% of the population is transgender (NYTimes) which explains why they have to bind together with the others (LGB...) to form a political identity group. 

Seth says
Seth 2016-05-27 09:54:03 [item 20903#52412]
Well i hold that people should not be so shy about going to the bathroom, after all there are stalls for privacy if it is necessary.  We only really need one bathroom … then that whole gender confusion would just get factored out of the equation.  Then leave it up to the groups providing the buildings how many bathrooms that they need to build … that is not even the cities business … certainly not the states … and the federal government should stay out of those matters entirely. 

But of course that is not where we are at … that is just my ideal story …   where we are is in a ridiculous fight of who’s story is to obtain …    read it in the Atlantic and weep   … dysfunctional distracted government from the top all the way down.    crying
Mark de LA 2016-05-27 10:19:14 [item 20903#52413]
thumbs up Being a fan of Naked & Afraid I have learned that one doesn’t even need a bathroom. Since we all take shits & piss, functionally, there is no need for bathrooms separated by any confusion of genders. Still in a bar in the Phillippeans I was surprised while at a trough of other guys all taking a piss in the common by a couple of girls who came in & asked if anyone needed help. laughing Maybe in some future dystopia when we are hybrid with robots we can just slot in a new tube of food & exchange the old used tube for an empty etc … 

Seth says
Seth 2016-05-27 10:45:09 [item 20903#52415]
It is interesting to note that just about 90% of all stories have just about nothing to do with what actually happens.   And that goes for our my stories about myself,  and your stories about yourself, and the cities stories, and the states, and the stories told by all the politicians in Washington.  The biggest mismatched story  is that the economic transactions are better under one parties administration than under the others.  All of these political stories are just to make the tellers and listeners feel in peculiar ways … even including this one … they have almost nothing to do with what actually happens.  ← that is in a different dimension entirely. 
Mark de LA 2016-05-27 10:55:13 [item 20903#52416]
Nice claim – so what happens?  “ There are 8 million stories in the naked city “ – any singularity is just e pluribus unum.  What do you expect?  Politics is politics. News is not New nor News. …...laughing
Seth 2016-05-27 11:10:33 [item 20903#52417]
“so what happens?” ← well whatever actually does.   Which is why i go with what happens … rather than the story of what happens. 

It is interesting to note that thoughs about whether Schrodinger’s cat is alive or not, or whether a particle decayed or not,  are just that … stories … notwistanding that they are also equations which can be used to predict statically what will happen.   But what happens is that the cat is in fact either dead or alive … it is never in a limbo state … that limbo state is just a statical story. 

This morning we got another “scientific story” about cats … i am pretty sure this will contribute to nathan’s story of multiverses …

Quantum cats here and there

The story of Schrödinger's cat being hidden away in a box and being both dead and alive is often invoked to illustrate the how peculiar the quantum world can be. On a twist of the dead/alive behavior, Wang et al. now show that the cat can be in two separate locations at the same time. Constructing their cat from coherent microwave photons, they show that the state of the “electromagnetic cat” can be shared by two separated cavities. Going beyond common-sense absurdities of the classical world, the ability to share quantum states in different locations could be a powerful resource for quantum information processing.


also told in the Washington Post

Mark de LA 2016-05-27 11:25:21 [item 20903#52418]
This conversation should be moved off the bathroom item (or maybe not – some tzu). In fact the fact that you or nobody else knows what state Shröedinger’s cat is in is irrelevant; munging philosophers & quantum physicians notwithstanding.  What happens is perhaps the territory & all language is not the territory. Happens is a very weak word implying independence of human will. I have argued the victimhood of happening before. cool
well politics is the story … the map … and this whole bathroom story is an excellant case in point.  that story has no effect on with what humans see and feel in the bathroom about each other.  those things should be allowed to happen quite apart from any story being told in Washington DC about them.  ← my story and i am sticking with it ← a discussion of the relationship between what happens and the story of what should happen in bathrooms is quite a coherent train of thought, at least to me.   but hey, move things around in this map however you can and want … who knows, maybe a new story will emerge with a new factoring of the map. 

Mark de LA says
Well it is certain that you & I are almost always talking about different stuff – even though the pool for both of us is full of the munge-water of story-ooze. smug Enjoy the floaters.

Seth says
To be clear:  there is no causal connection between all the political jocking in Washington and people in North Carolina going in a bathroom.   There is absolutely no way for these federal or state politicians to impose consequences on people according to the sex they identify with as they go into a bathroom.  That will never happen  … and i will even hazard to predict that no bathroom will ever be relabeled as a result of this tempest in a tea pot.   Rather is is all just ego fight  … to me nasuating rancor about nothing.  Please read the Atlantic article to get a feeling of the details of the actual fight … let me know if you prefer to take a side, or like me, just barf.   Can’t these congressmen find something better to talk about, for example agreeing on how to spend our tax dollars. 

Mark de LA says
The more the conversation degenerates the more the lure of group pellick – attitudes about it notwithstanding.  Moving now ….. -→ 

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