How's it going in this verse?

Where I have been Hillary Clinton dropped out because the polls where showing overwhelmingly that if she were the democratic candidate then Trump would win and if Bernie were the candidate then he would win over Trump. What’s up in this verse? Anything cool?

I popped back over here to Chatham Virginia for a bit.

How’s the RWG war going? I haven’t had any RWG experience in about a month now. Been so nice!  


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Si says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-10 12:16:57 [item 20914#51934]
Not much here. Some are worrying about which bathroom the trannies go to do their stuff. laughing
nathan 2016-05-10 12:45:48 [item 20914#51935]
Yea, the Governor of NC repealed that law over where I have been. Which is nice since we are intending to set up homestead in NC and we have all genders in our tribe.  
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-10 12:59:05 [item 20914#51938]
Census bureau must also be at odds with the Obama administration lawyers: 
I suppose it won’t be long before the census bureau will want to count people in alternate verses. Right now it is much as it was in the old west. Quantum travelers are outside the system.  

Si says
Seth 2016-05-10 12:58:54 [item 20914#51937]
In this verse Paul Ryan is running as a write in against Trump ... but so is Bernie against Hillary.  It has become a 4 way … a real squeaker.   Some narrative will perhaps grab enough hearts and minds to happen at least on the Washington stage.
Wow! You guys really are into the political drama!

Si says
Okay that’s it for a few days. Have fun. Find your joy. Write really beautiful stories of who you are and what you do! Love ya!    


Mark de LA says
Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-12 13:24:42 [item 20914#51977]
Thinking is something that a select few prefer to do – mostly academics or writers & scholars. Most people in politics like opinionating. The multitude likes to feel & play – hence all the thriving on the Internet of things to feel & be entertained & distracted with. TV, movies, M$M & millenials bare me out, I think.  I suspect that most people would rather go to a supermarket than grow their own food & then watch movies & play games & have sex.  I am curious about what you are aiming at with thinking domains. Any of your coffee-house experience generate interest? Few want technology for the sake of technology – apple watch might just have been a fluke that is fading with the hula hoops. People want to feel good, have their egos tweaked positively & connect with others to feel even better & get their egos tweaked even more etc. (exit repeat).
Seth 2016-05-14 06:34:26 [item 20914#52002]
well it is a fact that most people don’t really think for themselves and with others in a practical manner.  but they should.  and it is a fact that our new networked tools actually encourage shallow and hallow interactions between people – i mean how much depth of interaction happens by a click on sombody’s selfie to game some status and get a little inner tweak in one’s soul.  if anything thinking domains is intended to provide a medium for people to swing in the opposite direction.
How so?

Si says
nathan 2016-05-10 13:09:42 [item 20914#51943]
Prolly will stop by later this month. Right now I am heading to LEAF and the one in this verse where you guys hang out is not as nice as ones elsewhere, especially for volunteer's. Lots of love. <bye>  

Seth 2016-05-10 13:22:39 [item 20914#51945]
why bother … who needs a drive-by ass hole.
nathan 2016-05-12 09:10:38 [item 20914#51952]
No one. So stop manifesting such. What you get is always your choice. I won’t be available for shitty choices, but great co creations are on and in and I love them.  
Seth 2016-05-12 09:42:27 [item 20914#51955]
as usual you show no appreciation of that which is not you … of that which you do not control … and take no responsibility for your effect on that.   which is fine with me … go play somewhere else … i am glad you are having fun ← truly i am.   but it is ridiculous for you to presume that your commands (or advise) to me are anything but your own rationalizations.  I would prefer you keep them to yourself.   the only thing that we do together is that which we share in common.  the isoated wavelet vibrations which grant you the omnipotence of 100% control of your experience appear to me as mere stories that you tell – not edges that apply to my being and certainly do not apply to that which we can do together – which now appears to be nothing as you have totally ignored all that i have written in group fbi ← which manifestation is yours, not mine.

nathan 2016-05-12 11:06:48 [item 20914#51963]
So then 100% control your experience. Then there will be thousands of points upon which we can meet and have fun and co create beautiful things. As long as you are not taking responsibility for the apparently shitty experience of me you are creating there is nothing I nor anyone can do for you. Take responsibility for what you are manifesting … I will join you there with amazing fun, creativity, and love and it will rock your world.  
Seth 2016-05-12 11:40:50 [item 20914#51968]
well i can not grasp my right elbow with my right hand any more than i can control 100% of my experience.    thinking domains are not working the way they need to work socially on the internet.   we are no longer working together to make that happen.   that is my experience. 

i would not characterize that as a shitty experinece of you and i do not consider it as such.   i have always been envigorated and excited by our interaction … maybe i never told you that … but it is truly the case.  But what does not work, is for our egos to pull distructively against each other … and that is all that has been happening for just about the last 6 months.  that is not a shitty experience of you … that is just us together doing nothing meaningful in the world itself. 
nathan 2016-05-12 12:07:59 [item 20914#51971]
Hummm. I had fun working with you and am having fun doing many things and will have fun with you again. That’s my story. I write it. I live it. You are welcome to write any story you like and live it.

Interestingly, you are not even playing by your own rules. I have directly asked you several times what you are interested in. You have not replied, except with outbursts about your apparently shitty experience.

Change that story.

I am totally interested!
Seth 2016-05-12 12:28:24 [item 20914#51972]
Well i too can honestly tell the same story as have you in your first paragraph yes.

I am interested in getting the thinking domains tool to work socially on the internet enhancing how we humans interact in the future.   I thought that was obvious and it comes as a surprse to me that you now ask about it. 

I truly have no idea which of my rules (or do you mean habits, or principles, or belifs) that you think i have broken.   But i doubt that is an important thing to consider except of course to do a little ego dance between us … er, which wold be a excellent example of what would not interest me.
nathan 2016-05-12 12:36:25 [item 20914#51973]
“I am interested in getting the thinking domains tool to work socially on the Internet”

Cool. I have no idea what that means to you, but it sounds cool and I am aligned with many things it could mean to me. I am at LEAF from shortly today till Tuesday. Next time I am around a computer perhaps you will know more. Most of the verses are being upgraded with near instant manifestational abilities. You may want to gravitate into the vicinity of one of those. You will find it fun and exilerating I am quite sure! You may not be able to bring Mark along but it is your story and you may be a creative enough writer of it to find a loophole you can write if you want to keep interacting with him!  
Seth 2016-05-12 13:12:56 [item 20914#51976]
well currently Mark is the only other person in the universe,  except perhaps you, who has consistently socially interacted within a thinking domain … there is nothing i need or want to do to alter that.  there are lots of things happening with making our own food here in Renton many of which go way beyond the Co-Op and lots of other things in the coffee house society that could well use some good thinking domains … all of those are exciting to me and are right here in my Kontext (my verse) already, giving me no necessity of migration  … and as you may (or may not expect) i am open to whatever other spiritis actually happen around me especially in the field of literature or drama … er, even politics. 

I wasn’t aware of any grand upgrade of verses happening ← maybe that is as you term it, a “local affair”. laughing
nathan 2016-05-19 08:11:51 [item 20914#52152]
You will be aware of what you focus on. I enjoy focusing on such things, so I am aware of them. I realize you are not likely aware of them, and that’s why I tell you about them! You both are much more aware of politics. I rely on you guys to tell me about what’s up with Trump and Hillary and Burnie. You can rely on me to keep you updated about the quantum aspects of the multiverse.  
Seth 2016-05-19 08:39:12 [item 20914#52154]
Well far out … literally cool.    I love to hear about that stuff.   But bear in mind “Bozos Discovery” which i will write about when i have a moment.   Basically, stated perhaps for the first time,  it says that “the deeper something is inside one’s self, the clearer it appears to one’s self, and yet the vaguer it appears when expressed to others”.  So that something very deep inside you will appear to be a fictional story when told to others.  The trick to make it not appear as a fiction is to start finding signs that both you and your audience can share (or agree) point to the same spirit.  ← in that sentence  i start using the sign “spirit” where before i might have used the more shareable sign “thing” … see how that works?

As to your sign “multiverse” i think i have found the same spirit deep inside of myself.   The thing is, i tell quite a different story about it.   If you are interested in my other story, perhaps about the same spirit as your “mutiverse”, then do a search here for the sign “kontext” [spelling intentional] … or maybe ask questions. 

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